Alternative Macbeth Script plus lesson plan


Alternative Macbeth Script plus lesson plan


Alternative Macbeth Guided Reading Script plus lesson plan and detailed synopses of original and alternative scripts

This text is also available as part of a collection of four:

This is a conversational piece between 6 speakers

Alternative Macbeth Guided Reading Script Sample Text


  • Macbeth
  • Lady Macbeth
  • King Duncan
  • Banquo
  • Macduff
  • Narrator

Narrator:                     So, the real story. I am so, so sorry you had to go through all this …

Macbeth:                     (Philosophically) Ah well, these things are sent to try us ..

Narrator:                     You will, of course, need a great deal more counselling to help you

Duncan:                       (Interrupting) Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Am I hearing this right?

Banquo:                       I was beginning to think it was just me who had a hearing problem!

Macduff:                     (To narrator) Are you seriously telling us it is Macbeth that needs counselling?

Lady Macbeth:            Well, I’ve heard it all now!

Macbeth:                     But it was you that made me … lose it!

Lady Macbeth:            Typical male response! Always blaming the women!

Narrator:                     But you were largely to blame – you and those awful old crones. It doesn’t bear thinking about what this poor man had to go through!

Duncan:                       (Incredulously) Are you serious? Aren’t you missing one or two small details here? Like, who murdered who? I was his first victim.

Banquo:                       And I his second.

Macduff:                     And what about my family? Mercilessly put to death, in my absence!

Duncan:                       (To narrator) So before you go misplacing any more of your sympathy, take another look at the plot, brother!

Narrator:                     Which is exactly what I’ve done. And I have come to the conclusion that poor Macbeth here ..

Lady Macbeth:            (Interrupting) Poor Macbeth?

Narrator:                     Please, let me finish. You have a lot to answer for, my lady!

Macbeth:                     Indeed she does! I would never have carried out those foul deeds ..

Duncan:                       (Interrupting) Ah! An admission!

Narrator:                     Let the poor man finish!

Macbeth:                     I would never have entertained such foul desires if it hadn’t been for …                                         the missus!

Banquo:                       Unbelievable!

Macduff:                     What? That you were best friend to this poor excuse for a man, all those years?

Banquo:                       Indeed! If I had had so much as an inkling that he was such a pathetic, spineless character ..

Macbeth:                     Steady! What about all those acts of valour and bravery on the battlefield?

Banquo:                       A pity you didn’t hold onto one ounce of backbone – in your own castle!

Duncan:                       I’ve never come across a worse case of ….henpecking!

Macduff:                     That Lady Macbeth sure wore the trousers in his household!

Narrator:                     Which is just the point I’m making!

Lady Macbeth:            So you would place all the blame on my shoulders?

Narrator:                     Absolutely! With the kind of stranglehold you had on your husband, he had absolutely no choice!

Macbeth:                     Ah! Justice at last! And to think I have been painted the villain – for all these years!


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