Ancient Greek Ideas School Assembly


Ancient Greek Ideas School Assembly


Ancient Greek Ideas School Assembly Based on Unit 15, How do we use ancient Greek ideas today?

Cast of 30

Duration: 10 – 15 minutes reading. This does not include music suggestions

Bet you don’t know where alpa should come? Why, before beta, giving us alphabet! That’s just one neat trick the Ancient Greeks left us, along with the magnificent Olympic Games, fantastic columned buildings, and the written works of one of the greatest minds that ever enriched our planet. Yes, Homer (again)! Compare our lives with those of the Ancient Greeks – and work out for yourselves who were smarter!

This Assembly, based on Unit 15, looks at how Greek ties in with our language (alphabet and word make-up), life for Athenian and Spartan children, famous Greeks e.g. Pythagoras, Archimedes, Socrates, Plato etc, architecture (British Museum) and differences between Ancient and Modern Olympics.

The other Ancient Greek Assembly I have written is based on Unit 14 and covers different material – with a helping hand from the Grease cast and .. Homer!

(Also available for this unit, set of 5 guided reading play scripts plus quizzes – The Gods, The Olympics – Ancient and Modern, The Arts, War and Greek Theater – See Guided Reading Play Scripts Section)

Ancient Greek Ideas Sample Text:

Ancient Greek Ideas Assembly

Spartan 1:

If you lived in Sparta, you had to go!

Spartan 2:

For us, education was all about producing good soldiers.

Spartan 3:

We had to join the army when we were 7, and live in barracks, away from our families, in really awful conditions.

Spartan 4:

We just had a mat for a bed.

Spartan 5:

We weren’t allowed shoes.

Spartan 6:

We were told to steal for food – and then we were beaten if we got caught!

Spartan 7:

Us girls had to live in barracks too.

Spartan 8:

We were trained to become strong, so that as strong mums we’d make strong babies!


What a terrible life! (Turning to Hoodies).

You  wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes!

Greek child 1:

And if you think we had it tough up to school-leaving age – that was 15 – wait ‘til you hear what some of us had to put up with afterwards.


(Enter Great Thinkers).


All Greek children (together):

That Lot!

•1.      Theme music to Mastermind

Plato and Aristotle:

How lucky they were – to share our (holding heads) great brains!

Teaching Coverage:

1. Greek alphabet and how our language is influenced/made up of Greek words.

2. Life for Athenian and Spartan children

3. ‘Great Thinkers’ – Plato, Artistotle, Socrates, etc

4. Architecture – British Museum

5. Differences between ancient and modern Olympic Games


1. Zorba the Greek

2. Mastermind Theme Music

3. The Simpsons Theme Music

4. Read for the Stars – S Club 7



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