Aztec Guided Reading Scripts


Aztec Guided Reading Scripts


Aztec Guided Reading Scripts

  • Play 1 Where?
  • Play 2  When?
  • Play 3  The Rise & Fall of the Aztecs
  • Play 4  Aztec Life
  • Play 5  Aztec Gods

Five guided reading scripts, 6 speakers each. Around 5 minutes reading time each; plus quiz and discussions points. Around 20 minutes in total for each.

Aztec Guided Reading Scripts Speakers:

  • Narrator
  • Moctezuma
  • Aztec Warrior
  • Hernan Cortes
  • Spanish Soldier
  • Captive

Aztec Guided Reading Scripts Sample Text:

Play 1 Where?

Narrator:                     OK. So let’s turn our attention first to that question: ‘Where?’

Moctezuma:               My city! Tenochtitlan, on Lake Texcoco.

Cortes:                        There for the taking!

Soldier:                       What a pushover!

Warrior:                      For tricksters like you!

Narrator:                     Oh dear! There seems to be an awful lot of bad feeling around here!

Captive:                      I did try and warn you!

Narrator:                     (Impatiently) About what?

Captive:                      Oh just the small matter that these guys you invited absolutely hate each other!

Narrator:                     Really? And why would that be?

Moctezuma:               The Spanish murdered my people!

Narrator:                     (Tutting) Hmm, well I can see that wouldn’t exactly endear them to you!

Cortes:                        (To Moctezuma) Oh come on! All is fair in war, you know that!

Warrior:                      And what was fair about deceiving your way into our city?

Captive:                      Well, I’d like to ask, what was fair about first capturing me and then making me walk up all those steps to certain death?

Moctezuma:               But what a death! What an honour!



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