Mother’s Day Assembly


Mother’s Day Assembly


Mother’s Day Assembly

Mother’s Day Assembly has a cast of ‘real’ and ‘unreal’ mothers – conveying the message that, as  mothers, we all do our best but perfection is a little beyond our remit! Thankfully, the cast members readily accept this – in fact, they favour the ‘real mums’ over the ‘sugar ‘n’ spice ones!

Cast of around 25 (easily adapted up or down). Duration: around 15 minutes

Mother’s Day Assembly Sample Text:

Cast for Mother’s Day:

  • Narrator
  • Sugar n Spice Mums (4)
  • Real Mums (4)
  • Old Woman and ‘crowd of children’ (4)
  • Superwoman
  • Child 1 – 10

Music 1

Narrator:         Good morning and welcome to our Mother’s Day Assembly! Mothers, as we know, are something special. I mean, where would we be without them? Well, not here today, that’s for sure! March 18th   Mothering Sunday, is a very special day which we would like to celebrate with you. This assembly was written in tribute to all those mothers who

(Sugar n Spice Mums step forward, one at a time)

S & S Mum 1:  Leap out of bed every morning

S & S Mum 2:  (Beaming from ear to ear) Smiling!

S & S Mum 3:  Wishing everyone a ‘Good morning!’

S & S Mum 4:  And then go straight down to the kitchen to make everyone the most scrummy breakfast!

Narrator:         (Gesturing to all of them to sit down) Well thank you ladies! That was delightful!

(Exit S & S Mums)

Child 1:            (Indignantly) Hang about!

Narrator:         I beg your pardon?

Child 2:            Well, are you seriously trying to say that this lot (pointing to S & S Mums) are what Mums are really like?

Narrator:         Er, yes ..

Child 3:            You cannot be serious!

Child 4:            (To cast) Do any of you have a mum like that?

(All cast shake their heads)

Child 5:            Let’s take a look at what real mums are like!

(Enter Real Mums)

(Sound of alarm clock going off)

Real Mum 1:   (Groaning) Oh no! Not already! I can’t possibly face the day yet!

Real Mum 2:   Time for breakfast! (Shrieking) Kids! Get down here now!

Real Mum 3:   If you’re not down here in five minutes, there’ll be big trouble!

Real Mum 4:   Eat! Get ready for school! Then out the door – on the double!

Narrator:         (Whistling) Phew! That was (pausing) er um, a little harsh?

Child 5:            But that’s what it’s really like first thing in the morning. Everyone’s grumpy – including mothers!

Narrator:         So, what’s it like, last thing at night?

(Enter Sugar n Spice Mums)

S & S Mum 1:  Now come along children!

S & S Mum 2:  Time for beddie byes!

S & S Mum 3:  Nightie nightie!

S & S Mum 4:  Sweet dreams!

(Exit Sugar n Spice Mums)

Child 6:            (Sarcastically) Yeah! Right! In your dreams!

Child 7:            More like

(Enter Real Mums)

Real Mum 1:   (Angrily) How long did I say you could be on that computer? Get off it now!

Real Mum 2:   (Furiously) Get up these stairs now!

Real Mum 3:   (Beside herself with rage) If I have to come and get you …!

Real Mum 4:   (Shouting) Turn off that light now!

(Exit Real Mums)

Narrator:         (Covering his ears) My goodness! Is that any way to treat children?

(Enter S & S Mums, all shaking their head and tutting disapprovingly)

S & S Mum 1:  Well! That really is no way to speak to

All S & S Mums:          (Chiming in together) Our little sugar plum fairies!

Narrator:         Ah! That’s better!

Child 8:            (Pretending to be sick) Ugh! I think I’m going to be ill!

(S & S Mum 2 rushes over to cuddle Child 8)

S & S Mum 2:  Ah! There! There!

(Child 8 resists)

S & S Mum 3:  He needs some proper tender loving care!

S & S Mum 4:  (Trying to hug Child 8) Come to mama!

(Child 8 retreats rapidly; S & S Mums look puzzled, then sigh and return to seats)

Narrator:         Well! How very strange!

Child 9:            Not strange at all! Every mum is different.

Child 10:          There is no right or wrong way of being a mother. Every family is different

(Enter Old Woman, with ‘house-sized’ shoe and crowd of children)

Whole cast recites nursery rhyme:

There was an Old Woman

Who lived in a shoe.

She had so many children

She didn’t know what to do.

(Enter Sugar n Spice Mums, interrupting)

All Sugar n Spice Mums:                     She gave them some broth

And a big slice of bread,

Then kissed them all soundly

And put them to bed.

Rest of Cast:    (Shouting angrily) Oh no she didn’t!

Child 1:                        That’s not the version we know!

Narrator:         (Sighing) OK! So let’s hear it from the rest of you!

Rest of cast:    She gave them some broth

Without any bread

Then whipped them all soundly

And put them to bed!

(Exit Old Woman and crowd of children, followed by Sugar n Spice Mums tutting and shaking their heads in disgust)

Narrator:         (Scratching chin) Hmm! Well, I believe some of these nursery rhymes have been changed a little over the years – for a reason!

Child 2:            OK! So we’re not suggesting that that Old Woman was a particularly good role model!

Child 3:            Yeah! I guess she would hardly be number one choice for Mother of the Year!

Child 4:            But what we’re trying to say is, mothers are only human!

Child 5:            They get tired and stressed – it’s not easy doing everything they have to!

(Child dressed as ‘Superwoman’ stands up, strikes brief pose, then sits down again)

Child 6:            It’s hard trying to be Superwoman all the time!

Child 7:            Of course we’d like them to have eternal patience

Child 8:                        But on the whole, a real mum doing the best she can is all we really need.

Child 9:                        We would now like to read you some poems about real mums.






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