Creation Assembly


Creation Assembly


Creation Assembly, Biblical Banter Series: Assembly One  In the Beginning (Genesis 1)

Creation Assembly, Biblical Banter Series: Assembly One  In the Beginning (Genesis 1), is the first in a series of assemblies on Bible Stories – entitled Biblical Banter. Written for  Key Stage One this assembly can be edited for use by Key Stage II – other assemblies are available as two versions, KS I or II.

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These Biblical Banter Assemblies are currently available separately but will, when completed, be

This is the first in a collection of Bible stories – the others (Jonah and the whale, Noah’s Ark, Adam and Eve) are also available as a set.

Cast Size: 30 but easily adaptable up or down (just increase or decrease number of animals)

Duration: Around 10 minutes reading time. Around double this with inclusion of all songs/music suggestions.

Sample Text:

Narrator:             (Holds up card: Day 6) Day Six!

Music 7 I’m the Man – Joe Jackson

(Adam and Eve perform energetic dance routine)

(Narrator interrupts at the end of the first chorus)

Narrator:             Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Who do you think you are?

Man:                     Man!

Woman:              And Woman! Who are you?

Narrator:             Hey! I’m the one asking the questions around here! All those other nicely behaved living creatures. No back chat from them …… (pauses) and then you!

(Turning to God)

I can see these two are going to be trouble!

God:                     You think? Nah! I have every confidence Man will be a great ruler.

Narrator:             (Looking at Man combing his hair back) Seriously?

God:                     Oh, absolutely! Made in my image, my likeness – how can he go wrong?

Narrator:             (Aside to audience, coughing discreetly) Watch this space!

(Exit Man and Woman; Narrator starts collecting together his notes in readiness to leave)

God:                     Hey! Wait a minute!

(Narrator stops what he is doing and looks up in surprise)

God:                     Aren’t you forgetting something?

(Narrator shrugs his shoulders)

God:                     Like …. My day of rest? I reckon I’ve more than earned that!


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