Jonah and the Whale Assembly


Jonah and the Whale Assembly


Jonah and the Whale Assembly

Jonah and the Whale Assembly. I also have available a second script, cast of 45 (I wrote this originally as a request, for a year group of 4 classes)

Duration: Speaking time around 15 minutes. This does not include a great playlist of 10 songs which could potentially double time of performance to 30 mins at least!

Cast of 30 – easily adaptable up or down.

This is the second in a collection of Bible stories – the others (The Creation, Noah’s Ark, Adam and Eve) are also available.

Jonah and the Whale Assembly. Sample Text:

(Sound of thunder and lightning)

Captain:               Whoah! What was that?

Sailor 2:               Sounded like thunder and lightning to me!

Sailor 3:               Oh oh! That’s not good!

Jonah:                  (Nervously) What do you mean?

Sailor 4:               He means, there’s a storm approaching!

Jonah:                  Oh, that’s all right! I’ve brought an umbrella!

(All sailors laugh)

Sailor 5:               Er, you’re going to need a little more than an umbrella if this storm takes a hold!

(Boat starts rocking furiously, as sound of raging wind gathers momentum)

Sailor 6:               Whoa! Hold on everyone!

Sailor 7:               We’re in for a rough one!

Jonah:                  (Holding his stomach) Oh dear, I’m beginning to feel a bit queasy!

Sailor 8:               You’ll be feeling more than that if you don’t get a move on and help!

(Everyone rushes around trying to tie things down; storm continues to get worse and worse)

Sailor 1:               My! This is some storm!

Sailor 2:               We’ve never had one like this before!

Sailor 3:               Something tells me someone on board has brought with them more than a little bad luck!

(All sailors round on Jonah)

Jonah:                  Who? Me?

Captain:               Tell me again why you wanted to join my crew on this trip?

Jonah:                  (Spluttering) I, er, well, it’s like this

Captain:               Come on man, spit it out! What’s your real story?

Jonah:                  (Sighing) OK. I suppose you deserve the truth. You see, I was running!

Sailor 4:               Running?

Sailor 5:               Away from what?

Jonah:                  Away from my God.

(All Sailors groan and clutch their heads)

Captain:               Well, that explains it! Had I known, I’d never have allowed you on board my ship!

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