Parables Assembly and guided reading


Parables Assembly and guided reading


Parables Assembly and guided reading

Parables Assembly and guided reading. This resource may be used either as a class play (for performance) or as a set of guided reading scripts within the classroom. It includes an extra script so the customer is effectively getting two for the price of one.

Four parables:

      1. *The Good Samaritan (cast of 9)
      2. The Unmerciful Servant (cast of 5)
      3. The Prodigal Son (cast of 5)
      4. The Sower and the Seed (cast of 9)

The extra 2 speakers, to make up cast of 30, are Narrator and Student. Duration: 20 minutes (without music suggestions). *This parable is given in two versions – long (10 minutes) and short (5 minutes)

All the above come with discussion questions – which could be used in either R.E. or P.S.H.E. classes.

Also available,  the Good Samaritan Assembly  and Miracles of Jesus Assembly and/or Guided Reading Scripts

Parables Assembly Sample Text:

Narrator:         Good morning and welcome to our assembly on The Parables!

Student:           On the what?

Narrator:         On the Parables! Don’t tell me you don’t know what these are?

Student:           Well, that is kinda why I was asking!

Narrator:         OK. So you know they’re taken from the Bible?

Student:           And delivered by Jesus. Yes, I know that much. But what was their point?

Narrator:         Ah! An excellent question and one which will hopefully be revealed to you this morning.

(To Cast) Right?

Cast:                (Together) Right!

Narrator:         So, what I suggest you do is sit back with me

(Narrator and Student both walk towards their allocated chairs, at the side)

Student:           Sounds easy enough!

(Narrator hands student notepad and pen)

Narrator:         And then report back to me at the end of the assembly, on the point of all four parables.

Student:           (Exclaiming) Four?

Narrator:         Correct! We’re in for a real treat. So sit back, listen and note! The first parable is The Good Samaritan.

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