Happy Halloween: an alternative Sleeping Beauty


Happy Halloween: an alternative Sleeping Beauty


Happy Halloween – an alternative Sleeping Beauty

‘Wicked’ is a Witch to be reckoned with … so don’t be fooled by her ‘fairy’ status!

Cast Size: 15 upwards

There are 12 speakers – the rest of the cast made up of courtiers – so numbers are easily adjustable to anywhere between around 15 and 30.

Duration: Around 15 minutes not including music suggestions.

I originally wrote this script for PSHE as the message behind it is ‘always remember to say thank you’. I have adapted it to give it for Halloween. It can also be used at Christmas – a truly versatile script!

Sample Text

Music 1

(Whole cast files in, taking their places, where they promptly nod off to sleep)

Narrator:             Good morning and welcome to our play on


(Loud crescendo of snoring from the whole cast ‘asleep’ on their chairs)

Narrator:             What is going on in here? How am I meant to work with this lot?

(Enter ‘Wicked’ Fairy)

Wicked Fairy:      Oh!  Hasn’t anyone told you? (Pointing at cast) They’re all fast asleep!

Narrator:             (Sarcastically) Well, you don’t say! I had actually already leapt to that amazing conclusion myself! So, how am I meant to put on a play, this morning? I hadn’t reckoned on it just being me!

Wicked Fairy:      (Scratching chin, thoughtfully) Well, let’s see, now. I’d say you have a fairy easy choice to make.

Narrator:             And that is?

Wicked Fairy:      Work with me (pauses) or work with me!

Narrator:             (Aside) Why does something tell me it’s not going to be that simple

(To audience) I mean, does she look like the type you can trust? (Shaking head)

Wicked Fairy:      (Furiously) There you go again! Judging someone by their appearance! You (pointing at narrator and audience) should be ashamed of yourselves!

Narrator:             Now, now! No offence intended!

Wicked Fairy:      So, what’s it to be? You doing a one-man show

(Aside to audience) And let me tell you, he’s no Michael McKintyre!

Or doing the sensible thing – and working with me?

Narrator:             OK! OK! You win. (Looking at watch) Now, could you do whatever you’re going to do rather quickly otherwise this audience is going to walk!

Wicked Fairy:      Very well! Here we go!

(Wicked Fairy flicks her wand in the direction of the cast and they all wake up, rubbing their eyes and yawning)

Narrator:             Phew! Now we can get on with the show! So, whilst this lot wake themselves up a bit, I’ll tell you a little about today’s performance! It’s rather a nice story

Wicked Fairy:      (Yawning loudly) I’m bored already!

Narrator:             About a king and a queen

Wicked Fairy:      Boring!

Narrator:             And their longing for a child!

Wicked Fairy:      Poor misguided fools! Have they no idea how much trouble children can be?

Narrator:             (Angrily) Now look here, Miss …. Er um..

Wicked Fairy:      You can call me ‘Wicked’!

Narrator:             Miss Wicked, then! I recognise what a fine job you did waking this lot up

Wicked Fairy:      And?

Narrator:             But I must insist you desist from hijacking this show! This is a nice story

Wicked Fairy:      So you said! And you know what? Nice really doesn’t do it for me!

Narrator:             (Impatiently) Well, that’s just too bad! For your information, wicked doesn’t do it  for me! (Looking pleased with himself) Ha! Ha! Touche!

Wicked Fairy:      (To audience) See what I saved you from? And it’s not just his one liners that get worse!

Narrator:             (Looking at watch) Now, I really must ask you to leave – now!

Wicked Fairy:      Very well! But you will pay for your ill manners! Not so much as a thank you for my troubles? (To audience, stage whisper) Never fear, my revenge will be sweet! As Halloween approaches, a witch’s powers grow – getting greater and greater! (Pauses) Oh … hadn’t you guessed? This ‘Wicked Fairy’ thing is just a front – a disguise. I’m really a witch … and a very wicked one at that! See you around!


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