New Year Resolutions Assembly


New Year Resolutions Assembly


New Year Resolutions Assembly

New Year Resolutions Assembly or Class Play on New Year Resolutions will convert even the most cynical! It is about looking forward, improving self-esteem, having goals, the power of positive thinking and generally making the most of life and the opportunities it presents. Infused with plenty of feel good qualities, this will hopefully help start the new school year off on the right footing!

The power of positive thinking – that’s the key!

New Year Resolutions Cast of 30 plus Narrator (Cast size can easily be increased or decreased – see Production Notes). Duration:  Around 10 minutes

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New Year Resolutions Assembly Sample text

Child 13:               Take the first step!

Child 14:               Don’t let what you can’t do get in the way of what you can do!

Child 15:               Realize your own potential.

Narrator:             Wow! I’m enjoying all these positive vibes! Let’s keep this up! Looks like I’ve got a future taking assemblies after all!

Child 16:               Yes, look to the future. But make sure you make the most of the present.

Child 17:               Be aware of what you’ve got. Be aware of what you have achieved – and build on it.

Child 18:               Seize any opportunities that come your way.

Child 19:               Don’t be afraid of change – embrace it!

Child 20:               Change is good! Stay on your toes!

Child 21:               Try out new things! Take up new hobbies!

Child 22:               Make new friends!

Child 23:               Take up new challenges. Set yourself new targets!

Narrator:             Now that’s important! It’s all very fine having these fine-sounding aspirations, but how many of them are we actually going to remember? How many of them will we actually put into action? That’s the important bit.

Child 24:               Agreed! So, start with a list.

Child 25:               That’s what my mum does when she goes shopping. Trouble is, she always loses it!

Child 24:               So make several copies. Write it in your diary at night. Think of something new for every day – well, maybe every week!

Narrator:             (Coughing) Er.. Time for another reality check! Some of us find it hard enough doing this exercise once a year, let alone once a week!

Child 25:               Well, these resolutions don’t have to be written in tablets of stone!

Narrator:             Just as well! They’d be pretty hard to carry around!

Child 25:               It’s all about keeping an open mind! If something new and exciting comes along, grab it!

Narrator:             So, you’re saying this is all about … state of mind?

Child 26:               That’s what we’re saying! It’s called

Whole cast:        (Shouting) Staying Alive!

Child 27:               Open your eyes!

Child 28:               Open your ears!

Narrator:             But most importantly …

Whole Cast:        (Shouting) Open your minds!

Narrator:             That is the key, it seems, from what you’ve all been saying! Seems easy enough! Alot easier than going down the gym every week!

Child 29:               No! Wait! Nobody’s saying this is easy. Looking after your body is just as important as looking after your mind. The two go together – you have to look after both or neither will work!

Narrator:             (Scratching his head) You’re losing me!

Child 30:               OK, let me explain. I need the energy that exercise gives me, to think properly! If I sit around all day, not doing anything physically active, then my brain will become inactive! If I don’t push myself physically, I won’t (a) have the energy or (b) have the motivation to do anything! That simple! If your body gets sluggish, so does your brain. You’ve got to look after both!

Narrator:             Dear, dear! Maybe I need to do a few more lengths at the local swimming pool!

Child 1:                 Why not? Exercising by yourself is just as effective as playing a team sport and scoring goals for your team.

Narrator:             Hey! Wait a minute! Speaking of realistic goals – weren’t you the one, right at the beginning of this assembly, with slightly, shall we say, unrealistic goals?

Child 1:                 What? About being good all the time? Yeah, that was me. But I’ve been listening to what everyone’s been saying and I think I’ve got a better idea about those New Year Resolutions now and what they actually mean.

Narrator:             Which is?

Child 1:                 That it’s about ‘growing’ each day.

Child 2:                 Growing in body and mind.

Child 3:                 And knowing that the sky is the limit!

In Addition:

Awe and Wonder
Being Positive
British Values
Children’s Rights
Citizenship Skills
Coping with Sadness
Mutual Respect
Understanding Others’ Points of View

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