Pancake Day Assembly


Pancake Day Assembly


Pancake Day Assembly

Pancake Day Assembly is a light-hearted assembly based on Shrove Tuesday – otherwise known as Pancake Day or Mardi Gras – Fat Tuesday!

Cast of 30. Duration 15 – 20 minutes. Maybe a case of too many cooks in the kitchen? And whoever said flipping a pancake was easy? Definitely, time somebody in the kitchen gave up something for Lent – could the belly size of that Master Chef, Monsieur Bon Appetit,  be a clue?

Pancake Day Assembly  Sample Text:

Narrator:         Hmm! But the whole point of Shrove Tuesday

Chef 13:          Is that it’s the last day before Lent!

Chef 14:          Which is all about giving up things.

Narrator:         And how long does Lent last?

Chef 15:          Well, traditionally it’s forty days

Chef 16:          Between Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday

Chef 17:          Or around six weeks leading up to Easter.

Narrator:         OK. So going back to Shrove Tuesday, why the pancakes?

Chef 18:          Well, I guess they’re a way of using up things like eggs, milk and sugar before this time of fasting?

Narrator:         (Clapping) Ah! You guess right! Congratulations! So, what are we waiting for?

(Enter Master Chef)

Master Chef:   Or shouldn’t that be, who are we waiting for? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten Moi?

Narrator:         Ah! You must be

Master Chef:   Monsieur Bon Appetit!

Narrator:         A fine name

Master Chef:   For a fine chef! The best! Moi? Je suis magnifique!

Narrator:         (Aside) And so very humble! (To Master Chef) Monsieur, we are delighted you could join us today!

Master Chef:   Mon plaisir! (Looking around) So, where is mon cuisine?

(Everyone looks around in confusion)

Narrator:         Er, I think it might be helpful if you could try and stick to English.

Master Chef:   (Huffily) As you wish! So, where is my pan? Where are my ingredients? Where

Narrator:         (Interrupting) Oh don’t worry! We’ve got all that sorted! Look! You have an army of chefs to help you!

Master Chef:   (Muttering to audience) Hmph! Ever heard the expression ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’?

Narrator:         Sorry, we didn’t quite catch that!

Master Chef:   Oh don’t worry! Just saying what a delightful set of helpers I have here today! So, let us start.

(Enter Chefs 19 – 28  with ‘kitchen props’; chefs proceed to prepare pancakes under watchful eye of Master Chef, who stands over and checks their every move, occasionally stepping in to show them how it is done ‘properly’)

Key Stage I:

Key Stage II

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