The Meaning of Christmas The Conversion of Scrooge


The Meaning of Christmas The Conversion of Scrooge


The Meaning of Christmas –  The Conversion of Scrooge

The Meaning of Christmas –  The Conversion of Scrooge is a real tear-jerker – I guarantee there will not be a dry eye in the house after this one! How can a group of carol singers possibly hope to melt the ice-cold heart of one …. Mr. Scrooge!?! Things don’t seem too promising – given the number of Bah! Humbugs! But have patience – unlikely as it may seem, Mr. Scrooge is about to become …. a second Good King Wenceslas!

The Meaning of Christmas –  The Conversion of Scrooge Sample Text:

Music 4 The Holly and the Ivy

Scrooge:              Bah! I’d have had the whole lot outlawed!

Child 11:               Which is exactly what happened in Scotland, in 1583; and then in England when Oliver Cromwell and his lot took over.

Scrooge:              Good for them! Good sense prevailing at last!

Child 12:               Christmas returned with the restoration of the monarchy in 1660

Scrooge:              Bah!

Child 13:               But it wasn’t until the reign of Queen Victoria that Christmas really came into its own again.

Scrooge:              Double Bah!

Child 14:               The German nation had always gone in for Christmas in a big way – one and a half months, that’s 16 days of festivities!

Scrooge:              Humbug!

Child 15:               Don’t you mean, Hamburg?!

Scrooge:              Bah!

Child 16:               When Queen Victoria married Prince Albert, from Germany, he brought over plenty of Christmas spirit with him!

Scrooge:              Bah! Lucky I wasn’t on Customs! I’d never have let him through!

Child 17:               He also brought the first Christmas tree to Windsor Castle

Child 18:               And Christmas cards appeared, with even more carol singing!

Music 5 We wish you a merry Christmas

Scrooge:              Bah! Those Victorians! They have a lot to answer for!

Child 19:               But if it hadn’t been for the writings of Charles Dickens, you would not be here now!

Child 20:               Time for another ‘Christmas Carol’?

Music 6 Good King Wenceslas

Scrooge:              Foolish man! Fancy getting his feet cold – just to save a good for nothing pauper!

Child 21:               But that is what Christmas is all about! It’s about

Whole cast:        Giving!

Child 22:               To those less fortunate than yourself. It’s about

Whole cast:        Family time!

Child 23:               Spending time with your family, enjoying each other’s love. It’s about

Child 24:               Putting up Christmas decorations!

Child 25:               Eating Christmas dinner!

Child 26:               Opening presents!

Child 27:               Kissing under the mistletoe!

Whole Cast:        (Groaning) Ugh!

Scrooge:              Exactly! Ugh! All this excess! It’s just too much! Thank goodness I’m spending Christmas alone …. again.

(Child 28 runs across the stage, and flings his arms around Scrooge)

Child 28:               But Mr. Scrooge! You can’t be alone! Not at Christmas!



  • 1. Jingle Bells
  • 2. Silent Night
  • 3. O Little Town of Bethlehem
  • 4. The Holly and the Ivy
  • 5. We wish you a merry Xmas
  • 6. Good King Wenceslas
  • 7. Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly


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