Hampton Court Flower Show 2014


Hampton Court Flower Show 2014



Hampton Court Flower Show 2014

July 12th 2014: The weather was perfect, the site was positively regal and the show had everything – from potted plants to pandas!

Join me to:

·       Take a stroll around the Conceptual Gardens – based on the Seven Deadly Sins

·       Take a seat in the Celeb Tent ..with John Craven

·       Be prepared to elbow your way along the Summer Gardens accompanied by the summer crowds

·       Wonder at the amazing colour and variety of the Floral Marquee – if you can cope with the sauna like conditions of this midsummer day under canvas!

Luckily for you, these can all be enjoyed from the comfort of your easy chair – no queuing, no jostling, no standing for hours in excessive heat!

The perfect way to see the largest flower show in the world!

If you weren't a plant enthusiast before, I’ll guarantee you will be by the end of this lecture!

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