History of Medicine Lecture


History of Medicine Lecture



History of Medicine Synopsis

Flints or lasers? Which would you prefer to have boring through your skull? Prehistoric man had no choice – happily, we do!

This history of medicine lecture takes us from neolithic trepanning to present day state of the art surgery; via the ancient civilisations, with a brief look at herbal medicine (this subject will be dealt with in its entirety in a separate lecture); the history of such diseases as The Plague, Leprosy, Cholera, Typhoid, Smallpox and Polio; some seriously weird pictures from Mr Vesalius; the gruesome work of the London Burkers – who literally left ‘no stone unturned’ in the thoroughness of their work; the rather more salubrious work of Pasteur, Lister, Fleming and Barnard to name but a few; and not forgetting such great women as Elizabeth Blackwell and of course that Lady with the Lamp!

Alternative Medicine and Healthy Living suggestions (including Zumba!) are also covered along with mental illness – with a large smattering of slides from the Science Museum and the Florence Nightingale Museum.

Approaching 200 slides! Take a deep breath …. But please don’t forget to exhale – Practical First Aid not included!

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