World War One Lecture


World War One Lecture



World War One Lecture Synopsis

World War One Lecture begins with a field of poppies; and, over a hundred slides later, ends with a woodland of bluebells.

It covers both background to and chronology of the war; plus its poetry and art.

The eight poets chosen are:

  1. Richard Aldington
  2. Laurence Binyon
  3. Rupert Brooke
  4. Julian Grenfell
  5. Herbert Read
  6. Edward Thomas
  7. Wilfred Owen
  8. Siegfried Sassoon

And there are readings from eight poems:

  1. Bombardment
  2. For the Fallen
  3. The Soldier
  4. Into Battle
  5. The Refugees
  6. In Memoriam
  7. Dulce et Decorum Est
  8. Reconciliation

The works of art are drawn namely from ‘The Great War in Portraits’ at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

The subject matter is covered informatively and sensitively.

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