Midsummer Nightmare II alias Midsummer Night’s Dream


Midsummer Nightmare II alias Midsummer Night’s Dream


Midsummer Nightmare II alias Midsummer Night’s Dream

Midsummer Nightmare II (alias Midsummer Night’s Dream) is an extended version of the first one – Midsummer Nightmare. It includes the play Pyramus & Thisby and thus has a bigger cast and extended duration. Otherwise, it is exactly the same – sharing the same script up to Scene 6, and the same ending.

Midsummer Nightmare is, as the name suggests, just that – for its producer!

You’d think that putting on a summer camp production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream would be a doddle, right? WRONG! This particular production is the stuff of nightmares – as our hapless teacher is about to find out! Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined the consequences of falling asleep whilst reading one of his favourite Shakespeare plays.

Same story – but radically different cast – with a little help from Michael Jackson’s Thriller!

Estimated length of performance: 50 minutes (depending on dancing/singing time).

User Lu Jones has written the following comment regarding “Midsummer Night’s Dream alternative: Midsummer Nightmare II”:

Love this quirky adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s classics! The students love it as well!

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Midsummer Sample Text

Quince:                Pyramus! Thisby! Kindly demonstrate for us how you use this worthy Wall!

(Bottom and Flute stand on either side of Snout’s Wall, and make exaggerated whispering noises through the hole)

Theseus:              (Appreciatively) Amazing!

Hippolyta:           (Sarcastically) Awesome!

Bottom:               You wait til you see us kissing!

(Flute falls over backwards)

Flute:                    Er, I don’t think that will be necessary!

(Bottom pouting, making ridiculous ‘smirching’ noises through the Wall)

Quince:                Bottom! Maybe we should let the audience use just a little of their imaginations?!

Bottom:               (Sulkily) OK, OK. I guess I shouldn’t give them too much too early on! I don’t want to overwhelm them!

Theseus:              Quite so! The ladies can only take so much! Moving on ..

(Bottom and Flute back to the Wall)

Bottom:               Thisby, my love!

Flute:                    (High pitched) Pyramus, my love love!

(To Quince, in normal gruff voice) How am I doing?

Quince:                Don’t stop! Remember – feminine!

(Flute flounces round to the other side of the Wall, Wall trying to block him)

Bottom:               Get back! Stay on your side, remember?!

(Flute scuttles back to his side)

Flute:                    (Squeaking) Here I am again!

(Pauses, trying to remember his words)

Er, em. Ill met by moonlight?

Quince:                Cut! Cut! We’ve already had that line!

Hippolyta:           Oh dear! It would seem we are still attending the rehearsal!

Flute:                    No! No! Dear lady! This is as real as it gets!

Hippolyta:           Really?

Flute:                    Truly! Now, … ah yes! …that was it!…. Pyramus, I will meet you at Ninny’s tomb!

Quince:                (Exploding) Ninus’ tomb, you nincompoop! How many more times do I need to tell you?!

Flute:                    (Flouncing off stage in a huff) Well, if you’re going to be like that ..!!

Quince:                Come back! Come back! Keep to the script!

Theseus:              (Incredulously) Script? You mean, there is one?!

Quince:                (Coughing) Players! Next scene!

(Snug rushes back onto the stage, roaring. All women scream)

Quince:                Cut! Cut! What are you doing here? Wait for Thisby!

(Snug crawls off stage, sulkily)

Thisby:                  Ah! What a beautiful night!

(Starveling swinging lantern in front of her face)

How I long to see Pyramus!


Pyramus! Pyramus! Wherefore  art thou, Pyramus?

Bottom:               Over here, fair Juliet! I mean, Thisby!

(Quince, clutching his head in his hands) No! No! No! Not yet! Where’s that wretched lion? You come on after him, remember?

(Bottom exits, Snug rushes on roaring at the top of his lungs – ending in a coughing heap on the ground)

Snug:                     (Gasping) My inhaler! Who’s got my inhaler!

Quince:                Oh for pity’s sake! Whoever heard of an asthmatic lion?!

(Everyone falls about laughing)

Theseus:              (To Hippolyta) Have you ever had such entertainment?

Hippolyta:           Of this kind? No!

(Quince passes Snug an inhaler, which he proceeds to use, noisily – breathing eventually returns to normal)

Quince:                (Sighing) Ready?

Snug:                     (Still gasping a little) I think so.

(Tries a few pitiful meowing type ‘roars’)

Quince:                Is that the best you can do? For shame! You wouldn’t scare a mouse!

Flute:                    (Screaming) Mouse? Did someone say mouse? I’m outta here!

(Drops veil behind, which Snug picks up, applies a little tomato ketchup, and then drops back on the ground, before exiting)

(Everyone looks around expectantly)

Quince:                Bottom? Now!

(Bottom rushes on and scoops up ‘bloodied’ veil)

Bottom:               Thisby!

(Throws himself around stage, with agonized wailing)

Ah me! Ah my! Thisby? What has happened to you?

(Quince grabs Flute before he has a chance to race back onto stage, hissing “Wait!”)

My part is over!

Hippolyta:           (Muttering) One down, 5 to go!


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