The Emperor’s New Clothes Play Cast of 10


The Emperor’s New Clothes Play Cast of 10


The Emperor’s New Clothes Play

Cast of 10

Duration: Around 10 minutes without the inclusion of music.

This play is taken from The Fashion Assembly – just adapted in one or two places.

Also available – The Emperor’s New Clothes as a guided reading/conversational text between 6 speakers – with synopsis, lesson suggestions etc

The Emperor’s New Clothes Play Sample Text:

Emperor:                     What was that? Commenting on the quality of this wonderful fabric, no doubt?

Courtier 1:                   Oh, of course, majesty!

Courtier 2:                   The finest in the land, to be sure!

Emperor:                     I rather think so!

                                    (Aside) Best not say how much it cost! More than I pay these two courtiers in a year!

                                    (To Courtier 1) A mirror, please! It must be at least a minute since I looked at myself!

(Courtier 1 gives Emperor mirror)

Emperor:                     (Sighing deeply, admiring his reflection) Ah! Just as I thought! Regal, majestic,

(Emperor impatiently gestures to courtiers to provide more superlatives)

Courtier 1:                   Er, handsome!

Courtier 2:                   Um, stunning … er

Emperor:                     (Tutting) Oh dear! A little off form today, boys! Still, I suppose when you see such magnificence, day after day

Courtier 1:                   Oh, you never disappoint, majesty!

Emperor:                     (Simpering) I do my best! (Pauses, looking at watch)

                                    But wait! It’s been over five minutes since my last change of outfit! That will never do!

                                    (To Courtiers) Away! Whilst I change into something even more fabulous!

(Exit two courtiers)


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