Aesop Fables Guided Reading Scripts


Aesop Fables Guided Reading Scripts


Aesop Fables Guided Reading Scripts – 6 speakers each

Five Aesop Fables:

· The Lion and the Mouse

· The Fox and the Stork

· The Tortoise and the Hare

· The Jay and the Peacocks

· The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs

Aesop Fables Guided Reading. These five guided reading scripts each come with lesson plan, original story synopsis, discussion points and suggestions for further activities.

As each of the five is treated as a separate entity, the format is repeated – the assumption being that these scripts will be used by five different groups.

The Five PSHE Themes are:

·       Friendship

·       Mutual Respect

·       Taking Time

·       Being Happy with Who and What we are

·       Being Satisfied with What We’ve Got

These five fables are presented in this collection as a set of Guided Reading Scripts i.e. for use by 5 groups of 6 children, within the classroom; but they could also be used for performance individually or as a complete set.

Duration: Each script is between 5 and 10 minutes reading time. As each comes with additional activities, this resource is potentially five 20-30 minute lessons – so could be done over the course of a week or spread out over a longer period.

Comment: “I am so excited to use these! I was beginning to forget who I am as a teacher especially during guided reading because I was trying so hard to fit into my schools strict guided reading expectations and I think this will really help me discover me again. Thank you so much!”
Rating: 4.0

So lovely to receive comments like this – within 24 hours of releasing these scripts! Thank you so much to this teacher – made my day! Currently working on a 5 scene/5 guided reading script adaptation of The Wind in the Willows. Hope it gets the same reception! 



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