Harvest Festival Whole Class Assembly



Harvest Festival Whole Class Assembly

Harvest Festival Whole Class Assembly was written for a cast of 30 (easily adapted up or down) is a kind of alternative Harvest Festival, the suggestion being the class are the crop with teachers as harvesters.

Duration around 10 – 20 minutes depending on how much music is used.

Starting with the hymn ‘We plough the fields and scatter’ and ending with beautiful Michael Jackson song – ‘We are the world, we are the children’ which sums up the message behind this assembly.

Also available,  FREE Harvest Festival script was written for 6 speakers (feathery fowl!) but with suggestions in productions notes as to how to convert this into a whole class assembly. Just drop me a line on sue@plays-r-ussell.com

Harvest Festival Whole Class Assembly. Sample Text

Narrator:                             Well, that sounds wonderful. And what kind of gifts did you have in mind?

Child 1:                                 That’s easy!

Narrator:                             Really? I always have terrible problems thinking who to give what!

Child 1:                                 It’s easy because all you have to do is give or share whatever gift you have!

Narrator:                             Wait a minute! You’re losing me! (Repeating) ‘Whatever gift you have’?

Child 2:                                 Right! We all have our own special gift to give!

Child 3:                                 Bit like a seed in all of us.

Child 4:                                 Sometimes that seed germinates by itself

Music 2

(Enter Child 5, singing, as ‘rock star’ – choice of ‘rock star’ track down to children)

Narrator:                             (Applauding) Wow! That’s some voice you’ve got!

Child 5:                                 Well, thank you. But it wouldn’t mean anything to me unless I could share it with my fans!

(Exit Child 5)

(Enter Child 6, writing)

(Narrator walks over to Child 6, who gives notebook to him/her to read)

Narrator:                             Wow! How did you come up with all these ideas? What a story!

Child 6:                                 Thank you. And it’s the fact I can share it with all my hundreds of thousands of readers that makes it so special to me.

(Exit Child 6)

Child 7:                                 But we’re not of course suggesting we can all be rock stars or famous authors!

Child 8:                                 Some of us, despite huge talent, may reach a much smaller audience.

Child 9:                                 Fame isn’t everything and it is only the tiny minority that achieve it.

Child 10:                               Which isn’t to say we shouldn’t all strive to make the very most of whatever gift we possess.

Narrator:                             Ah! I see! (Pauses) By ‘gift’ you mean ‘talent’?

Child 11:                               That’s right! And we all have our very own special talent – even if it doesn’t bring us fame and riches!

Child 12:                               (Grunting and pulling a face) Hmm. That’s a shame! Now that would give me far more of an incentive!

Child 13:                               But it shouldn’t! It should be joy enough just discovering that gift!

Child 14:                               True! And that’s the hardest part! Sometimes we’re not even aware of the fact we have a gift!

Narrator:                             Which is where teachers come in! Big cheer for our teachers!

(Whole cast cheers)

Child 15:                               (Holding up Art work) I’d never have known I could paint if it hadn’t been for my Art teacher!

Child 16:                               (Holding up poem) I’d never have known I could write poetry if it hadn’t been for my English teacher!

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