Snow White Pantomime


Snow White Pantomime

Snow White Pantomime is a Snow White as you’ve never seen it – twists and surprises all along the way, perhaps some of the worst jokes you’ll hear this year – and what about The Mirror … checking out Facebook!?!


Snow White Pantomime

Snow White Pantomime is a Snow White as you’ve never seen it – twists and surprises all along the way, perhaps some of the worst jokes you’ll hear this year – and what about The Mirror … checking out Facebook!?!

This Snow White pantomime can be:

10 minutes, 35-45 minutes or an hour long! It can also be for a cast of 30 or 60! All explained in copious Production Notes – no stone left unturned in this one! Arguably the most versatile pantomime out!

Snow White Pantomime was Originally written for a cast of 30, as a simple production, it now comes as an all-dancing all singing panto – with an additional 22 elves, Rudolf, Santa and a few reindeer thrown in! This script is the longest I have written to date.

I also have a collection of individual pantomimes designed for school production:


Don’t forget a Free set of Christmas Jokes available off the Specials section of the website.

Snow White pantomime Sample Text:

Snow White:      Scene 3 Back at the Palace

(Mirror awaiting the arrival of Wicked Queen, scanning pages of Facebook on a laptop computer)

Mirror:                  (Excitedly) Wahoo! Go Snow White! Now, there’s a girl who’s come out of her shell!

(Enter Wicked Queen – loud hisses from the cast – Snow White encouraging audience to join in)

Wicked Queen: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.

Who is the fairest of them all?

Music 7: James Blunt You’re Beautiful (Mirror singing out the chorus)

Wicked Queen: (Impatiently) Yes, yes. I know! But am I THE most beautiful?

Mirror:                  You, my queen, are fairest of all …

(Wicked Queen leaps around triumphantly)

Mirror:                  But ..

(Wicked Queen stops abruptly, and screams)

Wicked Queen: What do you mean, ‘but’?

Mirror:                  (Indignantly) Well, if you’d just let me finish ..

Wicked Queen: (Screaming) Why the ‘but’? Why the ‘but’?

Mirror:                  (Apologetically) Snow White is still just that tincy wincy bit fairer than you!

Wicked Queen: But how can that be? She’s dead!

Mirror:                  Not according to Facebook, she’s not! You want to take a look at these pictures! Talk about party creature! This one sure knows how to enjoy herself  – over fifty men guests at her place last time I looked!

Wicked Queen: Good grief! That doesn’t sound like the Snow White I know! Perhaps she’s becoming more like her stepmother after all! Fifty fellas, eh? Where did you say this party was?

Mirror:                  Deep in the forest, somewhere called Dwarf Den. Sounds a bit of a dive – do you really want to go there?

Wicked Queen: What? And miss a party? You know me better than that! (Aside) Course, for the sake of our story, my reasons for going are strictly business  – to finish off Snow White. But hey! Why not have a little fun on the way?

(Both exit)

Snow White:      Scene 4 At Dwarf Den alias Santa’s Grotto

Music 8:  So here it is, Merry Christmas – Slade (in the background, as scene set up – everyone joining in with the chorus)

(Dwarfs plus Elves busily wrapping up presents)

Elf 1:                      My! This is fun!

Elf 2:                      If you say so! Seems like a lot of hard work to me!

Elf 3:                      Ah! Quit complaining!

Elf 4:                      Yeah! Didn’t someone around here say it was Christmas?

Elf 5:                      (Hiccuping) Oops! Pardon me!

Elf 6:                      What did I say about saving the brandy til later?

Elf 7:                      (Falling around) Ooh! Too late! It’s gone straight to my head!

Elf 8:                      (Yawning) It’s making me kind of sleepy!

Elf 9:                      (Rubbing tummy) I knew I shouldn’t have had any – on an empty stomach!

Elf 10:                    (Wheezing) It doesn’t seem to be soothing my tickly throat!

Elf 11:                    And it sure isn’t helping me read these labels!

Elf 12:                    (Tripping and dropping present) Whoops! Oh dear! There goes another!

Elf 13:                    (Sulkily) The rate we’re going, we’ll never get finished!

Elf 14:                    And there was me, hoping to be on time for once!

Elf 15:                    Doesn’t look as if I’m gonna have time to change into something decent!

Elf 16:                    (Sniffing) Or me find something for my cold!

Elf 17:                    Maybe we should quit now? Save ourselves all the bother?

Elf 18:                    What? And sit around for the rest of the holiday doing nothing? No fear!

Elf 19:                    (Burping) Oops! Pardon me! It’s the brandy!

Elf 20:                    Hey! There are ladies present! So sorry!

Snow White:      (Laughing) That’s all right! It’s great that we’re all getting in the Christmas spirit!

Friendly:              (Coughing) Hmm. In all senses of the word. (Taking Brandy bottle off Elf 19) I think I’d better take that! I think some of us have more than enough spirit in their bellies!

Elf 21:                    Hey! You’re stealing my lines! But don’t worry – I’ve got plenty more!

Elf 22:                    Can’t wait! But what is that?

(Sound of sleigh bells)

Music 9: Jingle Bells (Whole cast singing)

( Enter Santa Claus, scowling)

Snow White:      Oh! How exciting! Santa Claus himself! (Pauses) But what’s wrong? Isn’t he supposed to be jolly? Did I miss the Ho! Ho! Ho!?

Santa Claus:        Who is this imposter? Who let her into my grotto?

Friendly:              Oh, don’t mind her!

Snow White:      I’m just helping out with the housework! Friendly, here, has shown me how much fun it can be!

(Sound of sleigh bells and snorting)

Snow White:      (Alarmed) Oh! What is that?

Santa Claus:        It’s rein deer!

Snow White:      Not snow?

Santa Claus:        Oh dear! Is she always this slow?

Snow White:      Slow? Didn’t I say ‘Snow’? Like my name, you know?

Santa Claus:        (Sighing) Someone please fast forward this bit!

(Sound of sleigh bells)

Jolly:                      Aha! Could this be …

(Enter Rudolf and reindeer)

Jolly:                     Time for another song?

Music 10: Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer (sung by the whole cast)

Santa Claus:        Ah Rudolf! You took your time!

Rudolf:                 Sorry, gov! Really must get down that chimnasium more often!

Elf 21:                    Ah! Time for some jokes! Can I start?

Rudolf:                 Be my guest!

Elf 11:                    (Scratching his head) Er, I kind of thought you were ours?

Snow White:      (Impatiently) Who cares! Come on, let’s have some jokes! That Santa Claus sure looks like he needs cheering up!

Elf 11:                    Well, there’s a lot of them – these jokes. So here – let’s share them out.

(Elf 11 shares scraps of paper out amongst elves)

Elf  1:                     OK. I’ll start. What do elves learn at school?

Snow White:      So, What do elves learn at school?

Elf 1:                      The elfabet!

Elf 2:                      What’s the difference between the Christmas alphabet

Elf 21:                    (Interrupting) Shouldn’t that be ‘elfabet’?!

Elf 2:                      (Moodily) Oh give me a break! I’m just reading what’s on the paper!

So, as I was saying (glaring at Elf 21) before I was so rudely interrupted, What’s the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the ordinary alphabet?

Snow White:      Tell us! What is the difference?

Elf 2:                      The Christmas alphabet has Noel!

Elf 3:                      Who hogs the road at Christmas, making it impossible to pass? (Pauses) The three wide men!

Elf 4:                      What happened to the man who shoplifted a calendar at Christmas? (Pauses) He got twelve months!

Elf 5:                      Why was Santa’s little helper depressed? (Pauses) Because he had low elf esteem!


Great selection of music!

Snow White pantomime Music suggestions:

  1. Our House – Crosby Stills Nash and Young (as the opening song) or a song from Disney’s production – such as Hey-Ho or Whistle While You Work could be used, as the cast walk in.
  2. You’re Beautiful – James Blunt
  3. Deck the Halls (Carol)

Plus another 9 great songs!




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