Cinderella Play cast of 6


Cinderella Play cast of 6


Cinderella Play cast of 6- an alternative version of the original Brothers Grimm version

Cinderella Play cast of 6 is one of a set of ‘alternative’ fairy tales based on those written by Brothers Grimm but re-written, just as they did!

This alternative Cinderealla play can be used for performance or as a guided reading text.

Cast size and Duration

Cinderella Play cast of 6 Cast of 6, reading time around 10 minutes

Purchase includes: Synopsis of original fairy tale, play script, teaching input, discussion and suggested follow up activities.

Other cast of 6 alternative plays: Rumpelstiltskin, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel – Cinderella also available as assembly/class play cast size 30 (easily adaptable up or down) along with Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.  Snow White also available as a pantomime – cast of 30 or 60.

Cinderella Play cast of 6 Sample Text:

Narrator:                             You may have a point! And maybe now, we can all take a slightly more laid back approach to life!

Step Sister 1:                      Oh you’re talking about that exercise regime!

Step Sister 2:                      Dragging Cinders along to the gym every day!

Cinderella:                          Oh don’t you worry about that. Now I have my prince, I have a bit more of a reason to stay fit!

Fairy Godmother:            And stay away from those doughnuts

Step Sister 1 & 2:              (Together) Please!

Cinderella:                          Oh no worries there. I guess that was just a case of comfort eating. I’m way happier now (pauses) and it’s not just because I have found my prince

Prince:                                  Oh really?

Cinderella:                          Yeah. No offence but I want to stay fit for me – not for anyone else! I want to feel good – inside and out; and that means regular exercise and not binge-eating on doughnuts! I don’t need to anymore. I can see the bigger picture!

Narrator:                             Wow! That’s amazing! (Pauses) Are you sure you haven’t been put up to this by Weight Watchers?

Cinderella:                          (Laughing) No way! Or should I say, no weigh!

Fairy Godmother:            (Applauding) So good to see you haven’t lost your sense of humour, Cinders! But on a serious note, what you have just said is so important, I think we need to say it again. Right, girls?

Step Sisters 1 & 2:            Right, Fairy Godmother!

Step Sister 1:                      Staying fit, staying healthy is great.

Step Sister 2:                      But it’s not just about looking great on the outside.

Cinderella:                          No, it’s just as important to feel good on the inside.

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