Thanksgiving Play


Thanksgiving Play


Thanksgiving Play The Conversion of Tactless Turkey

Characters: Narrator, Feisty Pheasant, Clumsy Chicken, Grumpy Goose, Daft Duck, Tactless Turkey

Reading Time: 5 – 10 minutes

Thanksgiving Play The Conversion of Tactless Turkey. This is a short script that can be read in the classroom or put on as a mini performance for Thanksgiving. It is about turning negative character traits into positive ones – in the case of our tactless turkey, into a more considerate individual. And breaks down the word THANKS into – T for Thanks, H for Help, A for Attitude, N for Neighbor and K for Kind.

It can be used as part of the PSHE curriculum. For other scripts that cover such themes/issues as learning to get on with one another, the importance of saying thank you, self-esteem and being happy with being yourself go to the PSHE section of my website or drop me a line on

Thanksgiving Play The Conversion of Tactless Turkey is a very short play – if you’d like me to write a longer one, do let me know! I offer a write on request service.

Thanksgiving Play The Conversion of Tactless Turkey. Sample Text

Narrator:                            Good morning and

Whole cast:                       (Shouting) Happy Thanksgiving!

Narrator:                            Indeed. What a celebration! I would now like to introduce you to my five feathery friends

(Each ‘bird’ steps forward, as introduced, and takes a bow or curtsy – rest of class giving them a standing ovation)

Narrator:                            Feisty Pheasant!

Feisty Pheasant: (Bowing with great style) Delighted to be here!

Narrator:                            Clumsy Chicken!

Clumsy Chicken: (Tripping) Oops! There I go again!

Narrator:                            Grumpy Goose!

Grumpy Goose:                 (Grumbling) Huh! As if I didn’t have better things to do with my time!

Narrator:                            Daft Duck!

Daft Duck:                          You heard the joke about the ducks kept in a cardboard box? (Pauses) They all went quackers!

Narrator:                            And last but not least, Tactless Turkey!

Tactless Turkey:                (Turning to Daft Duck) Those jokes should come with a public health warning! They get worse every time I hear them!

Narrator:                            And so, my friends, what does Thanksgiving mean to you?

Feisty Pheasant:                Well, we see it as a time to offer

(Feisty Pheasant gives Narrator first letter – T –  of word ‘Thanks’, to hold up alongside the remaining letters – H held up by Pheasant, A by Chicken, N by Goose, K by Duck and S by Turkey – spelling out THANKS – At given signal, all cast shouting out this word)

Feisty Pheasant:                Thanks!


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