Ocean Assembly


Ocean Assembly


Ocean Assembly

Ocean Assembly is a general introduction to sea creatures – with a final pirate/mermaid encounter providing an environmental lesson!

This assembly was written for Key Stage I and has a cast size of 30 (but easily adjustable to 40 plus).

Suggested songs are based on familiar nursery rhymes, and the running time of the production (approximately 15 minutes) can be extended by adding additional songs (as suggested) plus factual information from the free set of Sea Life Quizzes (and Jokes) that I provide free on request.

Ocean Assembly Sample Text:

Old Octopus:           Ah! Here’s my school of fish. Now, (to group of fish) pay attention and see how much you can learn. Let’s start with Cranky Crab.

Cranky Crab:           (Shuffling sideways, nudging Narrator and group of fish out of the way) Hey! Didn’t anyone tell you I move sideways?

Timid Turtle:            Please be careful not to tread on my eggs! Lucky I buried them in the sand!

Daft Dolphin:           You won’t find me up on the beach! I just love diving in the ocean!

Clown Fish:              So how did we all get to school today? Was it by .. octobus, perhaps?

(Dolphin and group of fish fall about laughing)

Old Octopus:           (Scowling) Now, now, Clown Fish! You know the rules! No jokes in lesson time.

Cod Father:              (Sternly) Or any other time!

Angel Fish:                Ooh! You wouldn’t catch me misbehaving!

Jiggly Jellyfish:         (Snorting and jiggling) Ugh! That little Miss Perfect! Still, I bet she can’t jiggle like me!

Scary Shark:                        (Snapping) Or snap ….like me!

(Group of fish scream and run to one side, where Swishing Swordfish is standing)

Swishing Swordfish:          (Swishing) Or cut …. like me!

(Group of fish scream and run back to Old Octopus)

Old Octopus:           Now, now! No need to be afraid!

Saucy Stingray:       (Flapping wings and circling them) Oh no? Watch out for my stinging tail!

(Old Octopus wraps all eight arms protectively around a group of fish)

Lazy Lobster:           (Yawning and waving claw towards group) You don’t want to shake hands? Please yourself!

Blue Whale:             Huh! It’s me you should be scared of! Look how huge I am – the biggest animal on earth!

Barmy Barnacle:     (Clinging to the back of Blue Whale) Hey! Steady! Don’t forget me!

Blue Whale:             (Tutting) Oh those barnacles! So clingy!

Weary Walrus:        (Grumbling and tossing tusks around) Huh! Not on my blubber, they don’t!

Perky Penguin:       (Shivering) Brrrrr! It does get so cold waddling on those icebergs!

Polite Polar Bear:   Hmmm. It’s good to have a big fur coat! Would you care to share?

Deep Sea Fish 1 – Angler Fish:    You want to try fishing at the bottom of the ocean!

Deep Sea Fish 2 – Hatchet Fish: You’ve got to be very quick in the dark!

Deep Sea Fish 3 – Lantern Fish: (Flashing lantern) Which is why this lantern is so useful!

Also available, a  play  on Evolution

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