Florence Nightingale Assembly


Florence Nightingale Assembly


Florence Nightingale School Assembly

Florence Nightingale School Assembly tells the story of a remarkable woman – whose work laid the foundations for our wonderful nursing profession – whilst taking an unashamed ‘snipe’ at today’s so-called ‘famous’ – the celebs!

Based on Key Stage One, Unit Four: Why do we remember Florence Nightingale? it provides a complete coverage of this unit’s teaching content.

Whilst focusing on the history unit, there are many PSHE references, the last section focusing on how children themselves can ‘make a difference’, closing with that beautiful song by Michael Jackson, Heal the World.

Cast Size: 30 (easily adjustable up or down) Duration: Around 10 minutes reading time – around 15 with music suggestions included.

Also available:

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Assembly on Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell
This script is one of the Famous People Series based on the lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements, comparing aspects of life in different periods. This list of ‘greats’ includes:

  • Queens –  Elizabeth I and Victoria (now available)
  • Explorers – Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong
  • Inventors – William Caxton and Tim Berners-Lee
  • Painters –  Pieter Bruegel the Elder and LS Lowry
  • Women: In Civil Rights – Rosa Parks and Emily Davison


plus set of guided reading scripts on Amazing Women (KS II)

  1. Amazing Women From Across the World: 15th – 20th century
  2. Amazing Women From Across the World: 20th Century
  3. Amazing Women in the American Women’s Suffrage Movement
  4. Amazing Women in the American Civil Rights Movement
  5. Amazing First Ladies 31-35

Florence Nightingale School Assembly Sample Text


Child 1 – 13

Florence Nightingale

Paparazzi 1

Boy Band (Boy 1 – 5)

Mr and Mrs Nightingale (Florence’s parents)

Paparazzi 2

Soldiers 1 – 4 (1 & 2 – Wounded; 3 & 4 – Recovered)

Nurses 1 & 2


Music 1 – What have you done today to make you feel proud? – Heather Small

(Children file in, with Music 1 in the background)

Narrator:             Good morning and welcome to our assembly on

Child 1:                 A truly amazing woman!

Child 2:                 Kind

Child 3:                 With a heart of gold!

Child 4:                 Brave

Child 5:                 With the heart of a lion!

Child 6:                 Prepared to do anything for others

Child 7:                 Who got things done and changed the lives of millions

Child 8:                 Never afraid to speak her mind if it meant others would benefit

Child 9:                 Someone who put others before herself

Child 10:              The perfect role model for us today!

Narrator:             Whooah! Hold on! Who is this person?

Child 11:              (Incredulously) Who is this person?

Child 12:              Only the founder of modern nursing!

Child 13:              The ‘lady with the lamp’!

Narrator:             Ah! It’s got to be

Whole cast:        (Together) Florence Nightingale!

Narrator:             Would the lady step forward?

(Enter Florence Nightingale)

Florence:             (Looking confused) You called? Does someone need help?

Narrator:             No, dear lady. We just wanted to meet one of our country’s best loved figures!

Florence:             Who? Me? Oh I only did what I knew to be right!

Narrator:             So modest! Don’t you like being famous?

Florence:             (Looking confused) Pardon?

Narrator:             (Sighing) OK. Perhaps we need to explain what we mean by famous.

(Enter Paparazzi 1)

Paparazzi 1          Famous? Did someone say ‘famous’? Where and who? Quick! Point them out to me!

Narrator:             And you are?

(Paparazzi 1 walks along cast, taking pictures of everyone)

Paparazzi 1          Why, the Paparazzi, of course! I take pictures of the famous for a living!

Cast:                     (Together) But we’re not famous!

Paparazzi 1          (Furiously) You’re not? Well, why didn’t someone tell me!

Narrator:             You didn’t give me a chance to answer your question.

Paparazzi 1          I didn’t? Oh! Well, go on then, who is famous here today? And please be quick! I have to have these pictures ready for tomorrow’s newspaper!

Narrator:             Is that all you want? Don’t you want to know a bit about the person you’re taking pictures of?

Paparazzi 1          Nah! If they’re famous, that’s good enough for me!

Narrator:             But surely your readers want to know why they’re famous?

Paparazzi 1          (Falls about laughing) You’re joking, right? Is this a wind-up?

Narrator:             Pardon?

Paparazzi 1          Are you for real? What century are you living in?

Music 2 When will I, will I be famous? BROS

(Boy Band singing above song)


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