Great Monarchs Assembly


Great Monarchs Assembly


Great Monarchs Assembly – Key Stage I – Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria

Great Monarchs Assembly – Key Stage I – Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria script is one of a series based on the lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements, comparing aspects of life in different periods. This list of ‘greats’ includes:

(i) In Civil Rights – Rosa Parks and Emily Davison &

(ii) Nurses – Mary Seacole and/or Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell (also available)

The choice of these individuals has obviously been driven by National Curriculum ‘suggestions’. I am happy to write on alternative individuals, as per my ‘write on request’ service – so please drop me a line on if you need a script that has not yet been written.

Cast Size: 30 (easily adapted up or down). Duration: Around 10 minutes

These Assembly witnesses the near-miraculous reconciliation of two great monarchs – Elizabeth I and Victoria – with egos to match! Is there any way these two ‘ladies’ can tolerate being on the stage together, at the same time? Read on to find out!

Great Monarchs Assembly Sample Text:

Music – National Anthem

(Children file in, seating themselves along two rows of 15 seats, facing the audience)

Narrator:         Good morning and welcome to our assembly on

(Enter Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria, jostling each other out of the way, and arguing furiously)

Narrator:         Ladies! Ladies! What is going on here?

Victoria:          (Repeating, incredulously) What is going on?

Elizabeth:        (Repeating, again, in disbelief) What is going on?

Narrator:         No, that was my question to you!

Victoria:          I’ll tell you what is going on!

Narrator:         Please do!

Victoria:          I have to share the stage … with another woman!

Narrator:         And?

Elizabeth:        Oh, ‘ma’am’ is far too big to share with anyone!

Victoria:          (Exploding) Why, you …

(Victoria runs over to Elizabeth whilst Narrator intervenes to stop a ‘fight’)

Narrator:         Ladies! Ladies! This really won’t do!

Victoria:          And who are you to say what goes and what doesn’t?

Narrator:         I just happen to be taking this assembly and I’m going to ask you two to go and sit back down again until I call you out!

(Exit Elizabeth and Victoria, muttering in complaint)

Narrator:         (To audience) Well! I do apologise for those two, who were, incidentally, Queen Elizabeth the First and Queen Victoria. Neither of them behaving in a very ‘queenly’ manner, I’m afraid!

Child 1:           But isn’t our assembly about them?

Narrator:         Indeed it is. So (pointing to the cast) I am relying on you to help me as I’m most certainly not inviting those two back on stage until they’ve learnt some manners!

(Queen Victoria leaps up from her seat, shrieking)

Victoria:          Manners, did you say? You dare to lecture me on manners?

(To cast) And as for you lot – you should all be seen but definitely not heard!


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