Animal Alphabet Assembly for Key Stage I


Animal Alphabet Assembly for Key Stage I


Animal Alphabet Assembly for Key Stage I

Animal Alphabet Assembly is a fun romp through the alphabet … accompanied by those animals! This script provides a template which can be edited as required to the appropriate age and ability of children.

Cast of 26 (letters of the alphabet) plus narrator (class teacher). Number easily adjustable up or down. Duration: Around 10 – 15 minutes

A Key Stage II script is also available – entitled Awesome Animal World Record Breakers Assembly.

Sample Text

Narrator:             (To whale) Oh! Do, please, just stay where you are! You’re really way too big to be moving around!

Whale:                  (Huffily) Well, I can’t help it if I’m the biggest creature on earth!

Narrator:             You are truly awesome! But I repeat. Please just stay where you are! We don’t want a whole cast plus audience flattened today – even if that’s not your intention!

(To x-ray tetra) Whereas you? Well, we can hardly see you!

X-Ray Tetra:        That’s why they call me the x-ray fish! You can see right through me!

Yak:                        No trouble seeing me, an awesome ox

Narrator:             Taking us to Y for Yak. That only leaves us with one more! Now, who was it who was covering Z?

Zebra:                   Last but not least! You can’t have forgotten me, already? What other creature has stripes like mine?

Narrator:             Ooh. Sorry. (Aside) You should never make a zebra cross!

Zebra:                   (Groaning) I hope this isn’t going to turn into a zebra crossing joke?


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