Awe and Wonder Assembly Key Stage I


Awe and Wonder Assembly Key Stage I


Awe and Wonder Assembly Key Stage I

Awe and Wonder Assembly Key Stage I. Special guests to this assembly: two superheroes – invited along to witness ‘awesome’ and ‘wonderful’ aka Nature and its superpowers – Who or what can beat a spider’s artistry, a rainbow’s beauty,  the miracle of a butterfly and … a great Milky Way!
As a special offer, FREE with purchase of this script – a set of lovely photos taken at last year’s Sensational Butterflies Exhibition at the Natural History Museum.

Cast of 30 – easily adaptable up or down.
Duration – around 10 minutes reading time (not including music suggestions and songs).  Longer performance easy – with the simple addition of more information.

Awe and Wonder Assembly  Sample Text:

(Enter 4 children in pyjamas)

Narrator:         Looks like you lot are ready for bed!

Child 12:          (Pointing up) Star gazing!

Child 13:          That’s what we’re doing!

Child 14:          (Sighing) They’re so beautiful!

Child 15:          (To Narrator) Care to join us?

Narrator:         Don’t mind if I do! What can you see?

(As Narrator is gazing upwards, children share out chocolates among themselves; Narrator suddenly realises he has been ‘duped’)

Narrator:         Hey! Give me those chocolates!

Child 12:          But we’re about to tell you about them!

Child 13:          This one is the name of a group of stars – a galaxy!

Child 14:          This one is the galaxy we live in – the Milky Way!

Narrator:         (To Child 15) And this one?

Child 15:          Well, this one isn’t really a star. It’s a planet – Mars!

Narrator:         (Taking Mars bar) Well, I’d better have that one, then!

(To audience, aside) My favourite!

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