Character Assembly How Good Are You?


Character Assembly How Good Are You?


Character Assembly for Key Stage One – How Good Are You?

Character Assembly play identifies ‘what it is to be good’ – with a little help from Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Cinderella and … well, maybe not Goldilocks!

It is a simple script but with plenty of opportunities to ‘expand’ – instructions included in the Production Notes at the end. Cast Size – 30 (easily adapted up or down). Duration – From 5 – 10 minutes to around 20 minutes depending on the inclusion of music and optional extras.

This play is available in three other versions for Key Stage II – including two for Christmas and the New Year:

·         What Do You Want For Christmas?


·         New Year Assembly based on Character – What it Takes to be Good!


·         Character Assembly: What It Takes To Be Good

Sample Text:

(Enter Cinderella)

(Whole cast cheers)

Cinderella:                  And me? Helping my poor father

Class Teacher:             Ah! Cinderella! You did keep a spotless home!

(Enter two Ugly Sisters)

(Whole cast boos)

Ugly Sister One:          What? That lazy step sister of ours?

Ugly Sister Two:          You have to be joking!

Two Ugly Sisters:         (Together) Just as well we were there to keep her busy!

(Exit Cinderella and two Ugly Sisters)

(Enter Wolf)

(Whole cast boos)

Wolf:                           Now wait a minute! You see, the trouble with these fairy tales is you have all these girls

(Enter Wicked Step Mother)

(Whole cast boos)

Wicked Step Mother:  (Spitting out words) Who are so pretty!

(Enter two Ugly Sisters):         So goody two shoes!

Wolf, Wicked Step Mother and two Ugly Sisters: (To audience) Don’t you just hate them?

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