The Easter Egg Hunt for Key Stage 1


The Easter Egg Hunt for Key Stage 1


The Easter Egg Hunt – for Key Stage 1

The Easter Egg Hunt – for Key Stage 1. This is a class play/assembly lasting about 10 minutes, based on the same nine birds as used in the Key Stage II version (this is just called Easter Egg Hunt) but with a further 21 feathery friends to make up the numbers – to 30.

Sample Text

Rude Robin:                         (Huffily) And mine! Mind you don’t drop it!

Posh Pigeon:                        I’m sure you’ll be delighted with this one!

Polite Peacock:                   Please accept this. No need to thank me!

Boastful Buzzard:               Here’s the best of the lot!

Happy Hawk:                      Happy to be of service!

Crazy Cuckoo:                     You’d have to be cuckoo not to take mine!

Weepy Woodpecker:        (Weeping) Oh woe! When will I see you again, little egg?

Kind Kingfisher:                  There, there! (To Weepy Woodpecker) Here’s another handkerchief  for you! (To Clumsy Chicken) And an egg for you!

Serious Stork:                      (Very seriously) Take great care!  This is serious business!

Pretty Polly Parrot:            Pretty Polly! Pretty Polly! Here’s a pretty egg for you!

Flamboyant Flamingo:      Here we are! My very best!

Gracious Grouse:               Please accept this!

Cranky Crow:                      (Crankily) Take this! Can I go now?

Bored Blackbird:                 (Yawning) Yeah! How much more?

Thoughtful Thrush:            Now, now! A little patience! I think you’ll find we’re nearly done!

Dim Dove:                            Where did you want it?

Loud Lark:                            (Shouting) Right there! In that basket! Here, watch me! (Demonstrating) Easy, huh?

Outspoken Owl:                 About time! This is the last time I’m standing at the end of the line!

Hoarse Humming bird:     (Humming) Here you are!

Miserable Magpie:             (Whining) Last but not least! What a wait!

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