Happy Assembly


Happy Assembly


Happy Assembly

Happy Assembly for Key Stage One. This assembly looks at what makes us happy, with some great music suggestions to lift the spirits – and some not so great jokes – still guaranteed to raise more than a few laughs!

Cast of 30 – easily adjustable up or down. Duration – around 10 minutes including music.

This is a slightly simpler script than the Happy to Be Me Assembly – and can be used with the very young in Key Stage I. There are many possible ‘adaptations’ so this script should prove easy to use with either Year 1s or 2s; or even early Year 3.

Happy Assembly Sample Text

It is suggested in the Production Notes that the role of Narrator may be taken by the teacher.

Narrator:         (To Child 12) Ah! Charming, quite charming! But even you must have … favourite moments?

Child 12:         Oh I do! Like when my favourite football team wins

Child 13:         Like when I’m watching my favourite t.v. programme

Child 14:         Like when I am dancing to my favourite song

Child 15:         Like when I am singing my favourite song

Narrator:         And speaking of which

Music 2 My Favourite Things – The Sound of Music

(Remainder of cast, Children 16 – 30, perform this song)

Narrator:         Ah! That has to be one of my favourite songs. Thank you so much!

So. What else makes us happy?

Child 1:           Someone said ‘when the sun shines’?

Child 3:           That was me!

Child 1:           And look what happens when the sun shines and it’s raining!

(Child 1 – 7 hold up a rainbow)

Narrator:         Oh how beautiful! A rainbow!

Music 3 I Can Sing a Rainbow

(Whole cast sings)

Narrator:         (Applauding) Wonderful! Wonderful! And what were those colours again?

(Children 1 – 7 sing the colours ‘Red and yellow and pink and green. Purple and orange and blue’ – in order)

Child 1:           (Singing) Red

Child 2:           (Singing) And yellow

Child 3:           (Singing) And pink

Child 4:           (Singing) And green

Child 5:           (Singing) Purple

Child 6:           (Singing) And orange

Child 7:           (Singing) And blue

Narrator:         (Applauding) Thank you! So let’s take a look at these colours of the rainbow.

(To Child 8) Which is your favourite colour?

Child 8:           Blue!

Narrator:         Hmm. Nothing to do with the fact that you’re a boy?

(Child 8 shakes his head vigorously)

Narrator:         (To child 9) And your favourite colour?

Child 9:           Pink!

Narrator:         Hmm. And that wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact you’re a girl?

(Child 9 shakes her head vigorously)

Narrator:         (To Child 10) And your favourite colour?

Child 10:         It’s yellow, like the sunshine!

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