Superheroes Assembly for Key Stage I


Superheroes Assembly for Key Stage I


Superheroes Assembly for Key Stage I

Latest customer comment (27.7.17) 'I used this with my Reception year for a parent assembly. It went down a storm! Thank you so very much!"


Around 10 – 15 minutes depending on how many ‘superhero demonstrations’ there are.  The first ‘speaking’ part of the assembly is around 5 minutes reading time. The rest of the assembly is down to the teacher in charge (the Narrator).


Written for cast of 30 but easily adaptable up or down. The cast comprises class teacher as narrator plus children 1 – 30.

This assembly or class play is in roughly two parts – the first deals with the qualities of a superhero and how a superhero would change the world; the second is a demonstration of 'superpowers' by different 'superheroes'.

It is very much a 'movable feast' – the children can make their own choices re: how they'd change the world; and likewise choose which superheroes they'd like to portray – they can even make up their own. I have thus provided a 'template' which can be adapted according to class numbers and 'members'.

Sample Text:

Narrator:             Good morning and welcome to our assembly on

Whole cast:        (Together) Superheroes!

Narrator:             So, for the benefit of our audience, what makes a superhero? Or maybe I should ask the question, what makes a hero super?

Child 1:                 Super powers, of course!

Child 2:                 You can’t do much without them!

Child 3:                 Especially against those horrible baddies!

Narrator:             So. Let me get this straight. Heroes are always good?

Child 4:                 Right. They fight for what is good in the world

Child 5:                 Against all that is bad!

Narrator:             That must take a lot of courage!

Child 6:                 That’s why they’re superheroes!

Child 7:                 Brave!

Child 8:                 Strong!

Child 9:                 And determined!

Child 10:               It’s not always easy being a superhero!

Narrator:             (To cast) So. If you had the powers of a superhero, what would you do to make the world a better place?

Child 11:               I would take food to everyone who was hungry.

Child 12:               I would give shelter to everyone without a home.

Child 13:               I would hug everyone who feels unloved.

Child 14:               I would drive around in a Ferrari!

Narrator:             (Snorting) Oh really! And how is that going to improve the world?

Child 14:               Well, it would certainly improve mine!

Child 15:               I’d wear the most sparkly tiara in the world!

Child 16:               I’ve have a huge house overlooking the ocean!

Child 17:               I’d

Narrator:             (Interrupting and looking angrily at Child 14 -17) Enough! Enough! What terrible superheroes you’d make!

Child 14:               (Sulkily) Well, Batman had a bat mobile.

Child 16:               And he didn’t live in a bad house, either!

Narrator:             But this assembly is about what you would give! Not what you would get!

Child 17:               I’d put an end to wars!

Narrator:             You mean, bring world peace? Ah now that’s better.

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