Autumn Assembly for Key Stage I


Autumn Assembly for Key Stage I


Autumn Assembly for Key Stage I

Autumn Assembly for Key Stage I. Swallows, squirrels, deer, bats, …. children! Our narrator certainly has his work cut out keeping this assembly under control. Ever tried keeping a hibernating hedgehog or two sleepy dormice awake? Or silencing a flock of Brent Geese? Just two of the tasks facing our, as always, seriously challenged narrator!

Cast of 30 – easily adjustable up or down. It is suggested that the class teacher takes the role of narrator. Duration – around 10 minutes but can be extended with the inclusion of a list of suggested poems

Sample Text:

(Dormice curl up together and drop off to sleep)

Narrator:             Hey you two! Not yet! Wake up!

(Both dormice yawn and stretch sleepily)

Dormouse 1:      Is it April yet?

Dormouse 2:      I think I’ll leave it to May this year!

Dormice:            (Together) Yeah! Let’s have a lie in!

Narrator:             You most certainly will not! Do I look like a Dormouse babysitter? Be off with you!

(Exit Bats and Dormice)

(Enter Hedgehog, making loud snuffling noises; he collects up some of the leaves left behind by the children, makes a nest of them and lies down in the middle)

Narrator:             Aha! And who do we have here? Our first hibernating hedgehog!

Hedgehog:          (Huffily getting out ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign and placing it next to his nest) Can’t you read?

Narrator:             You’re a bit early! It’s not November yet!

Hedgehog:          So? (Putting on nightcap)

(Rubbing tummy) I’ve done enough eating! I’m ready for sleep!


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