Our Planet School Assembly for Key Stage I (KS1)



Our Planet School Assembly for Key Stage I (KS1)

Our Planet School Assembly for Key Stage I (KS1)  is a simplified version of the Key Stage II Our Planet script. The dialogue can of course be further simplified (word document file is always provided in order to adjust script to needs of class) or taken out and replaced by props/action. The script is there to provide a starting point.

Our Planet School Assembly for Key Stage I (KS1) Sample text:

Music 3 – Rainforest music

(Enter Howler monkey, Macaw, Jaguar, Vampire Bat, 3-Toed Sloth and Red-Bellied


(Howler monkey steps forward)

Narrator:         … a little monkey business. What about a joke? (Aside) I bet it’ll be an

absolute howler!

Monkey:         (Howling). Well, I am a howler monkey!

Narrator:         OK. Enough monkeying around.

(Enter squawking Macaw)

Narrator:         (Holding ears). More noise? And you are?

Macaw:            Mac – short for Macaw. And no, I’m not a ‘Pretty Polly’!

Narrator:         I never said you were!

Macaw:            Good! So insulting to a large parrot!

Monkey:         You’re not feeling sick, then?

Narrator:         (Falling about laughing). Sick as a parrot?  I get!

(Enter Jaguar, grunting)

Jaguar:            Whose upsetting my peace around here?

Monkey:         Oh! Mr. Jaguar. We were just looking for you! That spot light can’t be working too


Jaguar:             (Growling and snarling). I wouldn’t mess with me! I’m no pussy cat! Just

because I can’t roar!

Macaw:            Can’t roar? What kind of killer are you?

Narrator:         A quiet one.

(Enter Vampire bat)

Narrator:         Ooh! Look at your fangs! No one’s going to mess with you, Mr Vampire Bat!

Bat:                 I hope not.

(Turning to Monkey)

And no stupid Dracula jokes!

Monkey:         No chance! I’ll be keeping well out of your way, buddy!

(Enter 3-Toed Sloth)

Narrator:         Well, here’s someone definitely not in a hurry!

Monkey:         Care to hang around for a bit?

Bat:                 Sounds good to me!

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