Summer Assembly


Summer Assembly


Summer Assembly for Key Stage One

Sunshine and seaside – how can you not love the summer? Have a word with our poor narrator – first it’s hay fever and then … that wasp!

Cast of 30 – easily adaptable up or down.

Duration – around 10 minutes, though this can be extended with the addition of suggested poems.

This is one of a collection of assemblies on The Seasons – the others all available separately (Autumn, Winter and Spring)

Sample Text:

(Sound of another kind of buzzing)

(Whole cast fling their arms around, in agitation)

(Enter wasp, Child 29)

Narrator:         Oh dear! Just when everything was so perfect! A wasp!

Wasp:              Hey! That’s not very nice!

Narrator:         And neither are you! Always making a nuisance of yourself!

Wasp:              Well, I do love those picnics!

Narrator:         But we don’t love you! Especially not your stings!

Wasp:              Well, (looking at the cast) if you wouldn’t all wave your arms around! That just gets me really angry!

Narrator:         And there’s nothing worse than an angry wasp!

(Narrator swats wasp away with a piece of newspaper)

Narrator:         Be off with you!



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