Children of the World Assembly Diversity


Children of the World Assembly Diversity


Children of the World Assembly

Cast of 30 (easily adapted up or down) 30 children plus Narrator (Teacher)

Children of the World Assembly script is a celebration of children around the world. It has a serious quality – addressing such issues as the importance of celebrating diversity in our world; but a great deal of fun too – with a large selection of jokes – some or all of which may be used at the discretion of the teacher!

Duration: Reading time: 10 – 15 minutes; this does not include music selections, and can be extended with the addition of more jokes

Age Group

The language is simple (I wrote this script for children whose first language is not English) and the lines generally short – so Years 3 and 4 would probably be the best match. However the script could be easily edited to accommodate Years 5 and 6 – with more content (geographical) and more advanced language.

Narrator:         (Clutching his head) But sorry, I’m just not getting this! How can you children, from every corner of the world, have anything in common? You lead such different lives!

Child 11:          That’s true. We have different religions

Child 12:          We have different hobbies

Child 13:          We listen to different music

Child 14:          We sing different songs!

Child 15:          But we are all part of this amazing thing called humanity!

Child 16:          And we should never let our differences stand between us!

Narrator:         But wait a minute! Don’t you go pretending you get on with each other all the time! I’ve heard you lot fall out big time!

Child 17:          Well, of course we do!

Child 18:          We all have a right to our own opinions

Child 19:          And we don’t agree over everything!

Child 20:          Of course we don’t! Why should we?

Child 21:          The world is not black and white.

Child 22:          There is no right or wrong way.

Child 23:          If anyone ever tells you there is only one way, then you need to put them straight!

Child 24:          We all understand the importance of respect

Child 25:          Respect for differences in the way we live

Child 26:          And tolerance.

Child 27:          What a dull place the world would be if we all lived the same way!

Child 28:          (Holding up a picture of a desert) That would make our world as barren and empty as this desert!

Child 29:          We welcome variety in our lives.

Child 30:          We love being different.

Narrator:         Ah. And that very special word you just used. Let’s hear it again!

Whole cast:     (Together) Love!

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Being Positive
British Values
Children’s Rights
Citizenship Skills
Coping with Sadness
Mutual Respect
New Year Resolutions
Understanding Others’ Points of View

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