Christmas Quiz


Christmas Quiz


Christmas Quiz

Christmas Quiz is made up of 5 parts:

          1. ‘History’
          2. Customs
          3. Carols
          4. Nativity Story
          5. Christmas Stories from around the world

The subject matter for these quizzes has been taken from my Christmas Scripts.

Quiz V: Christmas Stories from around the World

1. Who is said to give gifts to children in Russia, every Christmas?
2. Who were her famous visitors?
3. What did they ask her?
4. Why didn’ she go with them?
5. After trying and failing to find them, what miracle(s) occurred with the basket of toys she was carrying?
6. From which country does the legend, explaining the red leaves of the Poinsettia, come?
7. What happened to the weeds that were placed by the altar on Christmas Eve?
8. As it was a poor child who gave the gift of weeds, what is the meaning behind the story?
9. In what city and country was ‘The Nutcracker’ set?
10. What famous composer wrote the music for the ballet?

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