Airport Assembly


Airport Assembly


Airport Assembly

Airport Assembly script focuses on one particular mode of transport – namely flying. It covers all the ‘steps’ encountered by passengers prior to boarding – plus a brief explanation around the diverse roles of airport staff – plus a surprise appearance by a Mr. Tom Cruise!

Duration: 10 – 20 mins

Written for cast of 30 but easily adjustable up or down.

Airport Assembly script Cast


Brown Family:    Mr Brown

Mrs Brown

Samantha – teenage daughter

Jimmy – nine year old son

Car Park Attendant

British Airways Staff (B.A. Staff 1)

Security Guard

British Airways Staff (B.A. Staff 2 – 6)

Holiday Makers (6)

Air Traffic Controllers 1 and 2

Runway Staff 1 – 5

B.A. Staff 7 and 8

Air Stewardess

Pilot/Tom Cruise look-alike

Music 1 Summer Holiday – Cliff Richards

(Whole cast walks/’sways’ in, forming two lines of 15 each, at the front of the assembly hall, facing the audience; Narrator to the side)

Narrator:             Good morning! And welcome to our assembly on

(Mr Brown dashes on, carrying suitcase, gesturing frantically at Narrator to stop what he/she is about to say)

Mr Brown:           Sshh! Please! No mention of the word (whispers) ‘Flying’!

Narrator:             Why ever not? It’s what a huge number of us do every year, to get to those warm holiday destinations. I mean, no offence England, but given our normal summer weather…

Mr Brown:           Well, that’s just it! We normally take our caravan down to the South Coast but, well,

(Enter Mrs Brown, carrying suitcase)

Mrs Brown:         This year I’ve been persuaded to go a bit further away with the family

Narrator:             You don’t sound very happy about it!

(Enter Samantha and Jimmy, carrying suitcases)

Samantha:           She’s not!

Jimmy:                You should have seen her last night.

Samantha:           We were at the point of unpacking all our suitcases and staying at home!

Narrator:             So, what’s going on here? You all look ready enough for a holiday in the sun!

Mr Brown:           (Groaning) Don’t be fooled by appearances! If only it were that simple!

Mrs Brown:         (Sighing) Oh dear! I’m afraid I’m the ‘fly in the ointment’ here. Ooh! No! Wait a minute? (To husband) What were you saying about what I could take through customs?

Mr Brown:           Calm down, my dear! We’re all sorted! All you need to do is relax and

Mrs Brown:         (Shrieking) Relax? When I’m allowing myself to be taken …… (pointing skywards) up there?

Jimmy:                 Oh come on, mum. What could possibly go wrong?

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