Around the World in 20 minutes Assembly


Around the World in 20 minutes Assembly


Around the World in 20 minutes Assembly

Around the World in 20 minutes Assembly, including music suggestions. Allowance should also be made for children holding up maps, pictures of places they are representing, etc.

This script can be extended by adding on the children’s own research work or by the inclusion of information from the following assemblies:

Our Planet – different habitats and how they are affected by man (include animals from Rainforest, Desert, Polar regions); Eurovision Song Contest Assembly; Ocean Assembly; Rainforest Assembly; Poles Apart; Africa; Australia; India; England; Scotland; Wales; Great Britain; Holland; France; Spain and Malta

This script has geography as its focus. I have also produced a couple of other world scripts:

Around 7 continents and 5 oceans in how many minutes? Can this be done? Read on to find out!

A cast of 30. Duration – around 20 minutes!

  • Children Around the World Class Play &
  • Dance Around the World Class Play

which are more about celebrating children and what they enjoy doing in their different corners of the world – plus a strong underlying message re: the importance of peace, love and understanding.

Feedback from one of my customers on TeachersPayTeachers:

This was a great product! We did make a few adjustments to better fit my classroom of 2nd graders, but this provided a great framework for our play. The students loved every minute of it!

Sample Text:

Child 15:          Not as cold as Antarctica – the coldest place on earth!

Child 16:          Here the temperature can get as low as minus 93 degrees Centigrade – that’s minus 135 degrees Fahrenheit!

(Whole cast ‘shivers’)

Narrator:         Brrrr! That’s mighty cold!

Child 17:          Then come to Death Valley – the hottest place on earth!

Child 18:          You’d soon warm up there – at around 56 degrees Centigrade, that’s 134 degrees Fahrenheit!

(the Whole cast ‘fan themselves’)

Narrator:         Phew! You’d need to drink a whole lotta water there!

Child 19:          No problems where I live – a small fishing village in Colombia – the wettest place on the planet.

Child 20:          Between 1984 and 1985, it rained every single day!

(the Whole cast utters ‘Ugh’!)

Narrator:         And we thought British summers were bad! (Pauses) So, what about the driest place on earth? Somewhere nice and warm!

Child 15:          ‘Fraid not! The driest place on the planet is actually Antarctica!

Narrator:         (Gasping) What?

Child 16:          Yes, it’s actually a desert, it has such low rainfall!




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