Brazil Host Country to 2016 Olympics Assembly


Brazil Host Country to 2016 Olympics Assembly


Brazil Host Country to 2016 Olympics Assembly

This assembly looks at the country in which the Olympics is staged this year (plus information on the Olympics e.g. Olympic Torch journey, number of countries taking part etc).

For a history of the Olympics  and  coverage of sporting events, please select from one of the other scripts (description given but don’t hesitate to contact me if you are unsure which to choose).

Cast of 30 – easily adaptable up or down

Duration – around 10 minutes not including music suggestions

Sample Text:

Child 11:          But haven’t you heard what party there’s going to be

Child 12:          Starting August 5th

Child 13:          And going on til August 21st?

Narrator:         (Spluttering) But, but, that’s … over 2 weeks! What kind of party goes on that long?

(Cast swaps Carnival banners for Olympics banners, raising them above their heads)

Whole cast:     (Shouting) The Olympics!

Music 2 Fanfare for the Common Man

Narrator:         Oh my goodness! The Olympics again! It seems like only yesterday we were partying in London!

Child 14:          That was for the 2012 Olympics! Proud hosts – the United Kingdom!

Child 15:          But 2016 is the year for Brazil – proud hosts of the 31st Olympic Games!

Child 16:          In the city of Rio de Janeiro!

Music 3 Gypsy King ‘Carnival selection’

(Whole cast grab their carnival props and raise them again)

Narrator:         Wow! Summer 2016 is going to be some party! How can it not be – with the Olympics in Brazil?

(Narrator turns to Child 15)

Narrator:         But what was that you said about the number of Olympic Games we’ve had so far?

Child 15:          30 so far. 2016 will be the 31st!

Child 16:          The very first one was of course held in Ancient Greece.

Child 17:          In the city of Olympia – birthplace of the Olympic Games!

Child 18:          And that’s where the Olympic Torch will start its journey on 21 April 2016



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