Hawaiian Assembly


Hawaiian Assembly


Hawaiian Assembly

Everyone’s smiling in Hawaii! Could it have anything to do with that azure blue sea, endless miles of sandy beaches .. plus the odd smiling surfer and flower-decked dancing girl? Read on to find out!

Cast of 30 – easily adaptable up or down


Reading time approx. 10 minutes. With music added on, performance probably around 20 minutes, depending on how much music is used.

This is one of several class plays on different countries around the world. The list includes scripts on:

Great Britain, England, Scotland, Wales, Holland, Australia, France, Spain, Malta, India, Africa .. 

Music 1 Mysterious Girl – Peter Andre

(Whole cast files in and takes their places)

 Narrator:         Good morning and welcome to our assembly on

Whole cast:     (Shouting) Hawaii!

Narrator:         What a place! I mean, (turning to look at the cast) can you see one unhappy face amongst our cast today? This Hawaiian happiness (beaming at audience) seems to be extremely catching! Now, why might that be?

Music 2 Hawaiian Music

(Line of Hawaiian dancers perform brief Hula Dance routine across stage)

Narrator:         (Applauding). And thank you very much for casting yet more sunlight onto our day! So let’s find out what it is about Hawaii that makes everyone so happy!

Music 3 Beach Boys – Surfin USA

(Group of surfers ‘surf’ onto stage)

Narrator:         Well, thank you, surfers!

Surfer 1:          Our pleasure, dude!

Surfer 2:          Always happy to share our love of surfin’ with others!

Narrator:         But isn’t it sometimes (pauses) just a little bit dangerous?

Surfer 3:          What? You mean riding those twenty foot waves?

Narrator:         (Gasping) Twenty feet? Ooh, not sure I could handle that!

Surfer 4:          And you certainly shouldn’t be in the water if you couldn’t handle that!

Surfer 5:          (Flexing muscles) You need great strength

Surfer 1:          (In ‘surfing pose’) And great balance!

Surfer 2:          It’s a real art – and it’s certainly not for everybody!

Surfer 3:          You take on those giant North Pacific swells at your peril

Surfer 4:          They’re definitely not for beginners

Surfer 5:          Experienced big wave riders only!

Narrator:         (Holding head) Ooh. I’m coming over all queasy. I don’t know about North Pacific swells – someone get me some Kwells!

(Narrator is passed a brown paper bag which he holds in front of his face)

Surfer 1:          What’s up with this dude?

Surfer 2:          Something we said?

Surfer 3:          Hey! It’s not our intention to put anyone off.  Surfin is surreal!

Surfer 4:          There’s nothing else like it!

Surfer 5:          There’s just nothing to beat riding that perfect wave!

(Hawaiian dancers ‘dance back on stage’, taking arms over in a slow wave movement)

Surfer 1:          (Laughing) Hey! What’s with the grass skirts? You’ll need something a little more water-proof than them to keep you out of trouble in the water!

Hawaiian dancer 1:     (Angrily) You lot still here?

Hawaiian dancer 2:     (To Narrator) We thought this was supposed to be an assembly on Hawaii – not just surfing!

Narrator:         (Giving paper bag to Surfer 1 to hold) You’re absolutely right! There is far more to Hawaii than (gesturing surfers off stage) just surfin’!

(Hawaiian dancers nod in agreement, following surfers ‘off’ stage)

Narrator:         So let’s hear a little more about Hawaii.

Child 1:            Hawaii is made up of eight main islands and one hundred and twenty four uninhabited ones.

Child 2:            This chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean is the longest in the world – stretching one thousand five hundred and twenty four miles.

Child 3:            Hawaii is the most isolated population centre in the world.



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