Japan Assembly


Japan Assembly


Japan Assembly

Japan Assembly. I have written this now (2016) well in advance of the 2020 Olympics – but I know from experience how quickly these events creep up on you! There’s just a brief mention of the Olympics at the beginning – this, as explained in the production notes, can be extended nearer 2020 e.g. torch bearers journey etc; but in the meantime, the script may be used as an introduction to Japan – just a quick look at e.g. its geography, people and interests.

Cast of 30 – including Olympians (2020 Olympics), Samurai Warriors, Kendo Fighters, scientists, artist, travellers .. oh and not forgetting those sumo wrestlers!

Duration: 10 – 15 minutes

Japan Assembly Sample Text:

(Exit Hokusai)

Narrator:                             Wow! From Warriors and fighters, to scientists and artists! We are making quite a journey today!

(Sound of high pitched whistle)

(Everyone holds their hands over their ears as a Shinkansen train races past)

Narrator:                             Wow! What was that?

(Enter passenger, carrying a suitcase)

Passenger:                          That, my friend, was a Shinkansen train travelling around 185 miles per hour! If you need to be somewhere in a hurry, hop aboard!

Narrator:                             (Repeating in astonishment) 185 miles an hour? Why that makes it

Passenger:                          Yes, one of the fastest trains in the world!

Narrator:                             (Gasping) Good grief!

Passenger:                          And not a bad track record either, if you’ll excuse the pun! An average arrival time of 6 seconds within the scheduled time!

Narrator:                             Wahoo! Sure beats British Rail track records!

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