Rainforest Assembly


Rainforest Assembly


Rainforest Assembly

Rainforest Assembly looks at the most amazing rainforest of them all – appropriately named, The Amazonian Rainforest. With a cast featuring poisonous frogs, blood-sucking bats, howling monkeys, giant spiders – you could be forgiven for thinking its an early Halloween script! But the message behind this assembly is far more serious – looking at what we could be losing – around half the world’s animal and plant species – if we sit back and allow these magnificent forests to be destroyed.

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Cast of 30 – easily adaptable up or down.  Duration – around 20 minutes (depending on amount of music used)

Rainforest Assembly Sample Text:

All Frogs:                              (Together) We’re the Poison Arrows

Narrator:                             (Interrupting) Well, I’ve heard of the Red Arrows

All Frogs:                              (Angrily) No, we’re the Poison Arrow Frogs!

(Enter Howler Monkey)

Howler Monkey:              How ribbetting!

Narrator:                             Hey! Wait a minute! And who are you? This stage is getting mighty crowded all of a sudden and I’m meant to be in charge of who comes on and who goes off!

Howler Monkey:              Begging your pardon, but I’m Howler Monkey! Here to drop some right ‘howlers’ today, liven things up a bit!

Narrator:             I hardly think we need things livening up!

(Turning to Tribesmen)

I do apologise for these interruptions!

Poison Arrow Frog 1:      Huh! If there’s any apologising to be done it should be by that lot to us!

Narrator:             (Sighing) Please explain!

Poison Arrow Frog 2:      Well, they take our poison

Howler Monkey:              And use it to kill innocent creatures like me!

Tribesman 2:                      (Shrugging shoulders) Listen! It’s nothing personal. But we have to eat, to stay alive, just like you!

Tribesman 3:                      And the poison these frogs provide us with is just what we need!

Tribesman 4:                      (Holding up blow pipe) One small drop on the end of this, and that’s

Howler Monkey:              Me done for!

Tribesman 5:                      Amazing to think these thumb-size frogs each carry enough poison to kill one hundred of us humans!

Howler Monkey:              (Sarcastically) Like that’s going to happen!

Narrator:                             Now, come on, Monkey! I thought you were here to entertain us with some jokes?

Howler Monkey:              Deal! If you get rid of those hunters and their poisonous friends first!

Narrator:                             OK, OK!

(Ushers Tribesmen and Frogs back to seats)

Howler Monkey:              So, where do you go to pick up the very best bargains?

Narrator:                             Do tell. Where do you go to pick up the very best bargains?

Howler Monkey:              Why, a jungle sale, of course!

(Everyone groans)

Narrator:             Oh dear I think you’re going to have to do a bit better than that!

Howler Monkey:              Very well. Try this tongue twister then! “Playful Parrots Pause in their Preening to let Prowling Pumas Pass”.

Narrator:             Very well.

(Narrator has several attempts and fails dismally each time)

Narrator:             Anyway. We do have rather more important matters to attend to.  Like

(Enter Emperor Tamarin, singing along with Howler Monkey)

Music 3 I wanna Be Like You – Jungle Book

Howler Monkey:              Ah! Perfect timing, mate! Just as I was about to go

Narrator:             (Ushering Howler Monkey back to his seat) Er, I think one monkey on stage at a time is quite enough, thank you!

(To Emperor Tamarin)

And you are?

Emperor Tamarin:            (Bowing) Emperor Tamarin at your service!

Narrator:             (Confused) So, where’s your crown?

Emperor Tamarin:            Oh, I guess (pointing to his moustache) this is like my claim to royalty! I’m said to look just like the German Emperor Wilhelm the second!

Narrator:             (Impatiently) Well, fascinating as that is (to audience) ..Not! I really must insist on some rainforest facts and information!

Emperor Tamarin:            Allow me! (Gesturing to rest of the cast) Take it away, guys!

(Each animal stands up, in turn, delivering quick description of themselves, before sitting down again, allowing next animal to stand up and do the same thing)

Anaconda:          I’m an Anaconda, one of the biggest snakes in the world! I can grow four times the size of a man and you don’t want to go accepting any hugs off me – I squeeze to kill!

Goliath Bird-Eating Spider (Female):        I, the Goliath Bird-Eating Spider, am the biggest spider in the world!

Smaller Goliath Bird-Eating Spider (Male):            And I am her mate.

Goliath Bird-Eating Spider (Female):                        I can live up to twenty five years!

Smaller Goliath Bird-Eating Spider (Male):            Whereas I only make it to six – unless she eats me first!




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