Russian Assembly


Russian Assembly


Russian Assembly

Russian Assembly. As always our narrator has his work cut out – kicking off assembly with having to keep bolshy Bolsheviks apart from arrogant tsars.  Nothing bolshy about those Bolshoi ballerinas, fortunately – but who invited that mob of unruly Chelsea supporters along?!

Cast of 30 – easily adaptable up or down. Duration – 10 – 20 minutes. (20 mins with the inclusion of music suggestions and performances) The assembly can be further extended to include more information on the country.

Normal formula of fun and laughter mixed in with a generous spattering of facts .. demonstrating just how much a country of contrasts Russia is.

There is a footnote in the Production Notes explaining that, nearer the 1918 World Cup, the script will be slightly adapted with more than just a brief reference to this event.

Russian Assembly Sample Text:

Narrator:                             That’s better! Now let’s see. (Looking through script) What are a load of Chelsea Football supporters doing here in my Russian assembly?

Supporter 1:                       Oh! Hadn’t you heard, mate?

Supporter 2:                       Heard? Heard what?

Supporter 3:                       That Chelsea Football Club is owned

Supporter 4:                       By a Russian!

Supporter 1:                       One Roman Obramovich!

Supporter 2:                       One of the richest men in the world!

Supporter 3:                       In charge of the greatest team in the world!

(Half the cast boo and wolf whistle; and Narrator ushers supporters off before there is trouble)

(Exit Chelsea supporters)

Narrator:                             (Sighing) Oh dear! Nothing like lowering the tone of my assembly. It was all so lovely and cultured before that noisy lot turned up!

(Enter 2 artists, Marc Chagall and Wassily Kandinsky, setting up their easels and painting, silently)

Narrator:                             Ah! That’s more like it! The silent world of art! And who better to represent it than these two amazing Russian artists

Marc Chagall:                     (Holding up a picture of The Fiddler) Marc Chagall!

Music 4 Fiddler on the Roof theme tune

(Chorus from the musical could be performed either by the artist, Chagall, or someone else in the cast)

Narrator:                             (Applauding) Wonderful!

(To the second artist, Wassily Kandinsky) And you, sir?

Wassily Kandinsky:          (Holding up Squares with Concentric Circles) Wassily Kandinsky

Narrator:                             And this artwork is called?

Wassily Kandinsky:          Squares with Concentric Circles! Why do you look so surprised?

Narrator:                             (Uneasily) Oh just expecting something …er. Em

Wassily Kandinsky:          (Angrily, snatching up his easel) A little more abstract? Huh! Come on Chagall! When were we great artists ever appreciated?

(Both artists march off in a huff)

Narrator:                             Well, really! Oversensitive or what? That’s the trouble with those artists. Not the most ‘down to earth’ people.

(Enter Valentina Tereshkova and Yuri Gagarin – in astronaut gear)

Music 5 – Starman – David Bowie

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