St. Andrew’s Assembly on Scotland


St. Andrew’s Assembly on Scotland


St. Andrew’s Assembly on Scotland

St. Andrew’s Assembly on Scotland celebrates St. Andrew’s Day and everything that is great and wonderful about Scotland

St. Andrew’s Assembly Cast size is 26 but easily adjustable up or down (all explained in the Production Notes)

Duration: Around 10 minutes reading time but with addition of music suggestions and optional suggested extras, this could easily be doubled.

St. Andrew’s Assembly on Scotland Sample Texts

St. Andrew:        The shame of it! And he hadn’t even got to the most important bit of the assembly – me! So, let’s fill you in a bit. I have been patron saint of Scotland since the middle of the 10th century, though, being a disciple of Jesus, I obviously died a long time before that! I used to spend many happy hours fishing

(Picks up fishing rod)

Like so ..

(Casts a line, caught by Nessie who reappears, reeled in by the unsuspecting St. Andrew)

Ooh! I think I’ve got a whopper! Its  …

Nessie:                 Me! Your friendly Loch Ness Monster!

(St. Andrew drops his rod in shock, and runs off stage, screaming)

(Enter Narrator)

Narrator:             What’s going on? Who’s disrupting my assembly? … Oh!

(Seeing Nessie)

Not you again!

Nessie:                 Well, someone had to step in! That old …

Narrator:             (Interrupting) Careful! A little respect! That’s Saint Andrew you’re talking about!

Nessie:                 Well, it was a blessed saint that gave me such a bad reputation in the first place! Around fifteen hundred years ago, to be precise. One Saint Columba spread the word – totally fictitious of course! – that if he hadn’t been around to frighten me off, I’d have had a swimmer for my supper! No substance to that story …

Narrator:             Or perhaps to any other concerning your existence! Now, be off with you!

(Exit Nessie)

Narrator:             Back to reality! Next!

Child 12:               Scotland has produced some of the greatest writers ever!

Child 13:               Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson, Arthur Conan Doyle,

Child 14:               J. Barrie – forever young at heart with his great creation – Peter Pan!

Child 15:               And what about Kenneth Graham who wrote the amazing “Wind in the Willows”?

Narrator:             Ah! So much literary talent!  But let’s not forget the scientists!

Child 16:               The great Alexander Bell – inventor of the telephone.

Child 17:               Another Alexander – Alexander Fleming! What a miracle it was – that first antibiotic, Penicillin!

Child 18:               And Joseph Lister – the surgeon behind the first use of antiseptics!

Child 19:               And Patrick Manson who showed that mosquitoes carry Malaria.

Narrator:             And the engineers?

Child 20:               John McAdam – thank you for our smooth roads – and tarmac!

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