Travel Show School Assembly Play


Travel Show Assembly


Travel Show School Assembly Play

Travel Show School Assembly Play is primary school assembly play sets out the pluses and minuses of travel – praps a good one to read before you decide on your destination (or indeed on whether to ‘take a break’ at all!)

I have just added another script entitled Airport Assemby which, as the title suggests, focuses on one particular mode of transport – namely flying. It covers all the ‘steps’ encountered by passengers prior to  boarding – plus a brief explanation around the diverse roles of airport staff – plus a surprise appearance by a Mr. Tom Cruise!

To place an order for script and performing rights certificate please scroll down to the bottom of this page

Cast of 20 young actors (numbers easily adjustable up or down). Duration 10 – 20 minutes.

Sample Text:

Cast of 20

Narrator (Holiday Show Host)

Child 1 – 10

Travel Guide 1: England

Travel Guide 2: Scotland

Travel Guide 3: Wales

Travel Guide 4: France

Travel Guide 5: Spain

Travel Guide 6: Australia

3 Guards at Buckingham Palace (can double as flamenco dancers)

Music 1 – Holiday – Madonna

Narrator:             Good morning and welcome to our Holiday Show Assembly!

(Whole cast cheers)

Narrator:             As you would expect, we have plenty of tips about going on holiday. Like

Child 1:                 (Interrupting) Don’t!

Narrator:             (Incredulously) I beg your pardon? What kind of nonsense is this? How can you not want to go on holiday?

Child 1:                 (Thoughtfully) Hmm, now, let’s see. Well, there’s the small matter of actually getting there!

Child 2:                 Hours of misery! Waiting at the airport, stuck in traffic jams

Child 3:                 Queues! Delays!

Child 4:                 (Sarcastically) Oh what joy!

Child 5:                 And then there’s the weather

Child 6:                 You either freeze to death because you assumed it would be hot – and it’s not! You didn’t pack any jumpers or raincoats and guess what? It pours with rain the whole time you’re away!

Child 7:                 Or you burn alive! I mean, why didn’t anyone think to tell me that watching ‘X Factor’ is no protection against the sun?

(Everyone groans and shake their heads in disbelief)


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