Volcano Assembly


Volcano Assembly


Volcano Assembly

Volcano Assembly. This assembly can best be described as … explosive! It is highly recommended that you purchase a pair of ear plugs before agreeing to sit through this performance!

Even the Roman god of fire cannot control these forces of nature. … though no one is about to try and control him!

This script covers the questions what, how, where and a few examples of when – though Pompeii up provides a far more comprehensive account of what happened in those two Roman cities destroyed by Mount Vesuvius.

Duration – around 10 minutes reading time but this does not include music (or explosions!) For a longer script and one dealing with a little more history, as in the case of Pompeii and Herculaneum, it is suggested that a double purchase be made – of this more ‘geographic/scientific’  script and Pompeii Up. Both scripts available off www.oldsite.plays-r-ussell.com

Cast of 30 – easily adaptable up or down.

I have just added a Natural Disasters Assembly which includes Volcanoes (some extracts from this Volcanoes script and Pompeii Up one), Earthquakes, Storms – Cyclones (hurricanes and typhoons), Tornadoes, Tsunami, Fire, Flooding and Drought.

Volcano Assembly. Sample Text:

Music 1 Mars – The Planets – Gustav Holst

(Children file in, seating themselves in speaking order, along two rows of fifteen seats facing the audience)

Narrator:         Good morning and welcome to our assembly on

Music 2 Fire – Arthur Brown (See Production Notes)

(Vulcan strides onto stage)

Vulcan:            (Pounding his chest) Me! The mighty Roman god of fire, Vulcan!

Narrator:         (Irritably) But its volcanoes we’re doing today! Not Roman gods!

Vulcan:            (Sighing) So, where do you think the word volcano comes from?

Narrator:         (Sarcastically) Oh, now. Don’t tell me. (Pauses) Oh, that wouldn’t be you would it?

Vulcan:            It most certainly would! Nothing to do with that Mars you were just playing.

Narrator:         No! No! That’s the planet Mars – from The Planets by Gustav Holst!

Vulcan:            But I thought you said this assembly was on volcanoes?

Narrator:         Correct! But we thought that music was just right to set the tone – of high drama!

Vulcan:            Oh! Is that what we’re getting this morning?

Narrator:         I hope so! There’s nothing dull about volcanoes!

(Sound of loud snores from ‘Sleeping Giants’)

Vulcan:            Er, it would seem not everyone agrees with you!

(Exit Vulcan)

(Sleeping Giants all raise their heads, wipe their eyes, blinking at the audience)

Narrator:         Oh no! We haven’t woken you, have we?

Sleeping Giant 1:         Nah! Don’t worry!

Sleeping Giant 2:         We’re dormant volcanoes!

Sleeping Giant 3:         Little chance we’ll erupt!

Sleeping Giant 4:         (Yawning) In fact, if you don’t mind, we’ll just go back to sleep again!

Narrator:         No, no! Not at all! Please be my guest!

(Sleeping Giants put heads down and resume sleep)

Narrator:         Phew! That was a close one! There’s no way you want to go waking those sleeping giants. So unpredictable! We could have had ourselves a situation there!

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