All About Love Royal Wedding Harry and Meghan Assembly


All About Love Royal Wedding Harry and Meghan Assembly


All About Love Royal Wedding Harry and Meghan Assembly

NB I have included this script under ‘the Royal Wedding’ section but if you are looking for information specific to the Royal Family, including Harry and Meghan, then ‘The Royal Wedding Harry and Meghan’ is the script for you!

This script (All About Love)  is a very general exploration of different aspects of love but does not have ‘the wedding’ as its main focus – this is just used to introduce and conclude the script.

Other scripts on the theme of love can be found in the PSHE section of the website – and an alternative version of love in Romeo and Juliet script(s) available from the Literature section.

Cast of 30

Duration around 10 minutes not including an extensive playlist of music suggestions (see below)


1.       All You Need is Love – Beatles or Love Train – O’Jays

  1. National Anthem
  2. National Anthem
  3. Selection of happy love songs:

·         You’re Beautiful – James Blunt

·         Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars

·         It Must be Love – Madness

·         I Just Called to Say I Love You – Lionel Ritchie

·         You are the Sunshine of My Life – Stevie Wonder

  1. Pretty Woman – Roy Orbison (optional inclusion of You Sexy Thing – Hot Chocolate)
  2. Selection of sad love songs

·         Tragedy – Bee Gees

·         Where did our Love Go?

·         Oh no not my Baby – Carole King

·         If you Leave Me Now – Chicago

·         What’s Love Got To Do With It? – Tina Turner

·         Love Hurts – Nazareth

  1. You’ve Got a Friend – Carole King

Sample Text:

Music 1 All You Need is Love – Beatles or Love Train – O’Jays

(Class files in singing this song, taking seats – two rows of 15, facing audience)


Narrator:             Good morning and welcome to our assembly ‘All About Love’ in celebration of the Royal Wedding. I’m sure everyone here would like to join us in wishing Prince Harry and his lovely Meghan every happiness in their future life together.

                        (Enter bride and bridegroom, Child 1 & 2, holding hands, smiling and waving at audience before returning to seats)


Narrator:             Ah! Love is a wonderful thing!

(Turns to Child 3, Guard, in military uniform, now standing)

Though I do understand it means different things to different people!

Music 2 National Anthem

Child 3:                 (Standing to attention) To Queen and Country!

Child 4:                 (Drinking cup of tea) Mmmm! I just love my cup of tea!

Child 5:                 (Breaking off piece of chocolate bar and placing in mouth) Mmmmmm! I just love chocolate!

Child 6:                 (Twirling on the spot) Don’t you just love my fancy shoes?

Child 7:                 (Nudging Child 6 to one side) Don’t you just love this little black number? Fresh off the catwalk!


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