Ancient Egyptian School Assembly


Ancient Egyptian School Assembly



 Ancient Egyptian School Assembly

Cast size: around 30 – easily adaptable up or down.

Duration: around 15 minutes.

In Ancient Egyptian School Assembly, Sun, sand and palm trees – sounds like the perfect holiday! But take care who you take as your travelling companions! Your Dad might be well ‘chilled out’ – but watch out for that Mummy! A first aid kit has its uses – but is all that bandaging really necessary? And if you thought our system of justice was ‘iffy’ – imagine letting a feather decide your fate! Join us on a Saharan shuffle – through the dunes and beyond!

I directed a Year 3/4 class for this play – we loved it – despite coffin threatening to fall apart half way through!

For other Ancient Civilization, plays see Ancient Greek plays plus ones on Ancient China and Indus Valley.

(Also available for this unit, set of 5 guided reading play scripts plus quizzes – Introduction, Farmer’s Year, Daily Life incl. Pyramids, The After-Life and The Gods – See Guided Reading Play Scripts Section). Also available, a collection of plays  on Myths and Legends from Different Civilizations


Ancient Egyptian School Assembly


Sample Text 

Excellent. Now we can sit back and enjoy the funeral.



(Women appear, wailing a throwing themselves to the ground).

On second thoughts, let’s fast forward to the Underworld.


1.    Spirit in the Sky



Now, let me introduce you to Horus, Son of Osiris.  He will help, guide and protect us on our journey.


Ooops! (Tripping) Mind the snakes! Reminds me …Why can you never play a trick on a snake?


Tell me, why can you never play a trick on a snake?


Because you can’t pull its leg!

(Cast all laugh).

(Thoth steps forward)


 Ha ha. I can do better than that!

Narrator: (aside)

Wouldn’t take much!


Excuse me. I am the god of all learning. So answer me this. Why would you never starve in the desert?


So tell us. Why would you never starve in the desert?


Because of the sand  wich is there. Get it? Sand  wich  (stressing each word individually).

Mummy (tutting loudly).

Can’t you do better than that? Listening to your jokes I could just die of boredom! (pauses) Oh, but I already have! …Anyway, here’s a joke for the audience. Knock! Knock!


Who’s there?




Toot who?


Toot an come in – (pronounced Tut an khamun). That’s me, in case you were wondering. Oh, it’s good to get out of that coffin, and stretch my legs.  Not (turning to Anubis) that I’m complaining about my wrapping – job well done. 




7.   Unit 10 Ancient Egypt Assembly

(i)                 When?

(ii)               Where?

(iii)             Climate/conditions

(iv)              Farming – importance of the Nile

(v)                Hieroglyphics

(vi)              Numerals

(vii)            Process of mummification

(viii)          Underworld


         Feather of Truth ceremony


  • 1. Walk like an Egyptian – The Bangles (Driving Pop)


Walk like an Egyptian – Alternative Radio Mix – William De Jesus

  • 2. Spirit in the Sky – Norman Greenbaum
  • 3. Heart of Gold – Neil Young
  • 4. Guilty – Blue

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