Anglo-Saxon School Assembly


Anglo-Saxon School Assembly


Anglo-Saxon School Assembly or Class Play

Anglo-Saxon School Assembly or Class Play. Ever wondered about the origins of your birth place? Why is it something-ton and not something-ham? Or why archaeologists get so excited over some old clay pots …or nails? And who in their right minds would want to be buried in a boat …up on dry land? And if that fails to ‘float your boat’, meet a sea-sick ghost on the run from ….who else? The ghost hunters!

Cast Size – 30 – easily adapted up or down. Approximate duration: Around 15 to 20 miniutes.

This script is also available in a format suitable for a smaller class i.e. 16. If you wish to receive this version, drop me a line – no extra charge.

(Also available for this unit, set of 5 guided reading play scripts plus quizzes – Introduction, Anglo-Saxon Life, Sutton Hoo Discovery, Beowulf, and Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table – See Guided Reading Play Scripts Section)

Review received 28.3.15: To sue. Just to say thank you for your assembly script.  The children really enjoyed performing it and it really added to what they were learning in class.

Anglo-Saxon School Assembly or Class Play sample text

Anglo-Saxon Assembly

Arch 1:

Look at this! Phosphate remains. That means there must have been a body here when the ship was buried…so this was actually a grave!

Arch 2:

And with all this treasure we’ve found, the person buried here must have been important!



(Ghosthunters team rush on, searching for ghost)


Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Who called you lot?

Ghosthunter 1:

Haven’t you heard? There’s a ghost on the loose! Goes by the name of Raewald, King of East Anglia. Died about 625 AD but forgot to take his Kwells (holds up a packet of sea sickness tablets) before being buried with his ship.

Ghosthunter 2:

Yes, it’s all very fine having all this gold and silver …but not much good to you if you’re prone to a bit of the ol’ seasickness.

Ghosthunter 3:

We’re here to give him his tablets so he can at last …Rest In Peace.


Could I suggest you’d stand a better chance of catching this sea-sick ghost if you were a little quieter (beckoning them all off stage). Wait here!



Unit 6B Anglo-Saxon Assembly
(i)  Where Anglo-Saxons came from

(ii) Timeline: 410 AD – 1066

(iii) Alfred the Great

(iv) Runic’ alphabet

(v) Origins of our days of the week

(vi) Place names – Anglo Saxon origins

(vii) Living conditions

(viii) Sutton Hoo: archaeological finds and background



1. Celtic music – Nine Points of Roguery, Live at Passim – The Boys of the Lough
2. Status Quo – Down Down
3. Jamiroquai – Going Deeper Underground
4. Ghosbusters Theme Music
5. Rod Stewart – Sailing

For performance rights, please select from the options below. Please note that these are in addition to the price of the play (11.99). For extra certificates (additional performances) and any queries re performance rights please email me on

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