Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Assembly on English Monarchy


Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Assembly on English Monarchy


Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Assembly on English Monarchy

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Assembly on the English Monarchy takes us from Alfred the Great to Elizabeth II. Lasting approximately 10 minutes, it focuses on Queen Elizabeth’s ancestry – a quick gallop through the English monarchy!

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Assembly on English Monarchy is one of three Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Assemblies now available on the website. The other two are:

      1. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee assembly – about the Queen and her life, family, achievements etc.
      2. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee assembly on the years 1952 – 2012 – an adaptation of my History of Rock n Roll assembly. This covers world events but with a musical twist (up to 34 suggested songs!)

These scripts can be bought individually or as part of a special 3-for-2 package. Buy 2 scripts online, and let me know which one you want free – I will then send all three scripts to you.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Assembly on the English Monarchy  Sample Text:

Music 1 Rule Britannia or Land of Hope and Glory

(Cast files in with Music 1 in the background; all take their seats)

Music 2 National Anthem – God Save Our Queen

(All stand-up – Queen Elizabeth gestures for all to be seated at the end of the anthem)

Narrator:             Good morning and welcome to our assembly in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Let me start, of course, (bowing to Queen) by welcoming our most Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II – we are indeed honoured to have you here in our school today. (Turning to Duke) Plus of course, your Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh.

(Narrator performs elaborate salute)

Duke:                    At ease! At ease, man! We’re not on parade here today!

Queen:                 Quite so! We, that is, my husband and I, are delighted to be here, with all you delightful subjects, celebrating my sixty years on the throne. (Shifting around in her seat uncomfortably) Though I have to say, I could do with a little more cushioning these days!

Narrator:             (Taking cushion to Queen) Allow me, ma’am!

Queen:                 Ah! Thank you so much! One really does appreciate simple creature comforts as one gets older. It’s easy enough to forget that when you’re a queen!

Narrator:             I’m sure you’re right!

Queen:                 Undoubtedly! But I’m not here to lecture you this morning! It is for you and your delightful children to tell us all about our delightful ancestors! (Turning to cast) I believe you have been studying them in history? How fascinating for you!

Narrator:             Oh indeed it has been, ma’am. And we do hope you will also learn a few things that maybe you hadn’t known before about your forbears!

Queen:                 Ooh! I can’t wait! Such a delightful lot, us royals!

Duke:                    (Hesitantly) Er, not quite all of them, dearest?!

Queen:                 (Impatiently) Oh tush, Phillip! Let’s hear it from the children!

Narrator:             (Aside) Oh oh! Something tells me the Queen may have a few shocks in store! I hope she takes it in the right spirit – or I could shortly find myself a little uncomfortable ….in the Tower!

Child 1:                 This morning we’d like to start with the present royal family – the House of Windsor. There’s (holding up a picture of William) William, now happily married to Kate – sorry, Katherine, the Duchess of Cambridge!


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