Battle of Hastings Assembly


Battle of Hastings Assembly


Battle of Hastings Assembly – in celebration of its 950th anniversary.

Battle of Hastings Assembly. What has the most famous cartoon strip in history, a masterpiece of needlework, a distinctly odd bishop, some dodgy family connections, warring Anglo Saxons and Normans, and an arrow in the eye have in common? Correct! They’re all part of that famous drama – you know the one, 1066 and all that?!

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A cast of 30 – easily adapted up or down. Duration around 10 – 15 minutes (not including music)

Battle of Hastings Sample Text

Embroiderer 2:           (Catching finger on needle) Ouch! Since when is such painful work a labour of love?

Embroiderer 3:           (Grunting) Labour of torture, more like!

Embroiderer 4:           Yeah, I reckon those knights got off light!

Bishop of Bayeux:       (Gasping) What? Doing battle on the battlefield? Surely not?

Embroiderer 5:           Well, at least their work was exciting!

Embroiderer 6:           Living life on the edge!

Embroiderer 1:           You could hardly call ours that!

Embroiderer 2:           Hours and hours of needle in, needle out!

Embroiderer 3:           (Sarcastically) Wow! Life can’t, surely, get much more exciting than this!

Bishop of Bayeux:       O dear, dear, dear, dear! I can see something drastic needs to happen round here! How are we going to get you excited about your work?

(Enter Edward)

Edward:                       Easy! Let’s just introduce them to some of the characters they are working on! Let them see what we were actually like in the flesh!

Bishop of Bayeux:       Ah! A splendid idea! And you are?

Edward:                       King Edward the III of England or Edward the Confessor! I’m

(Edward walks along work of six Embroiderers, peering down, trying to see himself; he stops abruptly at Embroiderer 4)

Edward:                       Ah yes! Here I am! Dying!

Bishop of Bayeux:       (Sarcastically) Oh wonderful! Well, that really livens things up for us! Thank you so much!

Edward:                       Oh dear! I didn’t mean to put a dampener on things!

(Edward goes back to the line of Embroiderers and this time stops at Embroiderer 1)

Edward:                       Ah now, that’s better! That’s when I’m still king! Alive and kicking!

(Edward falls about laughing at his own joke)

(Whole cast groans)

Bishop of Bayeux:       (Aside) Oh dear! I think I preferred him dead!

(Goes over to Embroiderer 1)

And who is that other character in this scene?

(Enter Harold)

Harold:                        That would be me! Harold, son of Harold Godwin!

Bishop of Bayeux:       And what a splendid name, if I might say so! Godwin, eh?

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